BCI Chairman urge two CM to assure substantial assistance for daily wagers


New Delhi, 21 March, 2020; Chairman, Bar Council of India Manan Kumar Mishra urged Chief Ministers of Maharastra and Delhi to assure substantial assistance for daily wagers who becomes jobless due to Corona menace.
In the formal request through letter he mentioned that “There are large number of Daily Wagers in your State working for development of State and serving the people.
Majority of these workers are from Bihar, U.P. , W.B. , Odisha and North Eastern States.
Various News reports show that thousands of these people are compelled to leave your State (s) because they have suddenly become jobless ( due to Corona menace).
The Hon’ble Chief Minister of U.P. has assured such people of his state a substantial assistance . Mr. Arvind Kejriwal ji has also announced something for Delhi.
But thousands of such workers are leaving your State and have overcrowded the Railway stations & Bus Stands of Mumbai , Pune ,Delhi and some other cities. Such overcrowding and travel in trains or Buses may prove disastrous for the Conutry.
Therefore, I request you to immediately announce some welfare measures n take solid steps to help them for few weeks, so that they remain stay at their present places ( may not be compelled to leave the respective cities ) ; otherwise they might become source of bringing Stage 4 of the dangerous Corona Virus in our Country.
I’m sure that you all the Chief Ministers of the Country will realise the seriousness of the situation and take immediate effective steps to check the spread of Corona virus.
Please help the helpless n stop overcrowding.”

Further, he said to Hind Chakra correspondence that my responsibility is also to look beyond the welfare of the Bar Council and advocates of India. This is really serious issue for us that large number of people are in financial problem due to Corona menace so Concerned State Government should help them out.
Sr Advocate Manan Kumar Mishra is continuously fifth term Chairman of Bar Council of India Since 2012.

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