O! Wonderful Omnipresent God!

Yoga & Spirituality

Why should we search you in the sky?

You reside in our deep heart,

Feels you in the Soul’s eye,

It’s our illusions that lead us,

to search you here & there

But, it is universal truth,

You are present everywhere,

The Sky is the greatest symbol

of truth, purity up to now & forever!

So, we are bound to depend

and hard to denied ever!!

Although, Sky is mystery too;

Can unveil the answers

of millions of questions!

It is indeed vast search,

research over suggestions!!

The sources of light and

energy is from the sky,

Even the cloud pour

the comes through sky,

The pick part of anything’s on

Earth is the great part of those things,

So, our body gets the head

at top of the all biological wings,

and the top of head is Sky.

The presence of nothing,

is the presence of everything,

We search you in the Sun, moon & stars

At par with my imagination,

Because, the supreme of all things is the sky

O God!

It can take millions of birth

to search you in the universe!

And trillions of rebirth

to ignore you  reverse!!

Still, can’t have faith on journey

to visit you in the sky.

As we have meditated senses,

To go the height of the sky.

There is also an ocean inside us,

And Vastness of the Sky.

The true realization of God,

The picture of supreme eye.

O! Wonderful Omnipresent God!

Why should we search you in the sky?

-Abdhesh Jha


 HIND Chakra Media Group

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