Purpose of joining politics is to help poor sections of the society: Govind


Rajasthan: Govind Thakur was born on 24 November 1993 in Ludhiana. His father G Prakash Thakur was a labor contractor and Govind belongs to the Farmer family, he did his 10th standard from punjab and b. A’s passed out from ISBM University from Jaipur, Govind Thakur started his political career in the post of General Secretary of Ward No. 11 in Shiv Sena Punjab in 2012, after that he came to Jaipur with his family and then in 2014 Shiv Sena joins Bala Saheb’s party After which he became the President of Ward No. 3, and soon after that his political activities started increasing, which made him the Speaker of the Vidhan Dhar Nagar Vidhan Sabha. Joining and furthering his political career, in 2017 he also got the responsibility of Youth Mandal Vice President in the Bharatiya Janata Party and Akhil Was the responsibility of Prades coordinator posts in Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha But he had dedicated himself to the saffron Raksha Dal, so he worked for a year and gave up all these parties, after which his growing interests and increasing youth followings made him the President, with the saffron Raksha Dal. Along with that he has been doing his duty in social service, Govind Thakur has emerged as a new face from the popular leaders of Rajasthan. Hard work is taking them forward He says that he joined politics so that he can help the poor sections of the society, so that he will get a good platform to serve in the society.

2 thoughts on “Purpose of joining politics is to help poor sections of the society: Govind

  1. Well n good person in this time . He also helps to neesy people in anyway… God may bless u My dear bro Govind….

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