Kautilya : The True strategist.

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By Saras kherwar

‘chankya’ also known as vishnugut and kautaliya ,was the  first thinker who visualised   the concept of ‘one nation’ during the period ,when  country  was split in kingdoms. kautaliya , then with his intelligence and strategy made these split kingdoms , together ,into  one nation which  was popularly called  “aaryavarta” “.chankaya was the politician who attacked   the Nanda  dynasty and   created a dynasty of his dreams which is one of the powerful dynasties of Indian History i,e  Mauryan  dynasty .He was the adviser of Mauryan  king Chandragupt Maurya  ,and prime minister of  mauryan   kingdom .Chankya was not only a shrewd statesman but he had profound knowledge of economy ,politics ,military strategy etc. he was also known as best professor of Takhseela gurukul(university )in  Ancient  India . His book Arthashastra is master piece of its own kind ,which guides how one can generate  wealth . It covers  a broad range of topics that includes  economy ,politics , military strategy ,taxation , revenue sources , agriculture ,administration statecraft etc. .He had articulated and set an example in history  that how a ruler should be  and what they should do in public interests . kautilya made it clear that a king should not look at those things which pleases him but focus on the things that pleases his people and kingdom.  He stated that a king has no individuality of his own ,he is for the people and of the people  .Chankya stressed that having a wealthy economy and spiritual values is an integral  part of ruler’s learning .He suggested that we should always stay away  from  four people greedy , coward , proudy  ,and angry  one . According to him spiritual development is a paramount of internal strength and character of individual ,material pleasure and achievement comes latter .

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