Lockdown Again : After an Alarming Surge In Covid 19 Cases


By Shomil Anand

Patna : As the number of covid  cases is on rise day by day , Bihar government have announced a complete lockdown from 16 th July (today onwards) to 31st July. The decision of the 16 day lockdown in the state has been taken after an ‘alarming surge ‘ in Corona virus cases.
    The DM of Patna “Kumar Ravi ” declared 114 areas of Patna as “containment zones ” . In these areas no auto-rickshaw and taxi will be allowed . There will be complete restriction of movement in these areas until these areas are declared “Decontainment Zones” again. This time the lockdown will be strictly followed and In Patna , the administration will monitor everything minutely that whether rules are abided by people or not “.
Movement is permitted to those areas which are not declared as  ” containment zones”. Buses are not allowed in this lockdown , people will not be able to do walks in park and anybody who is seen randomly moving on streets without any reason, amidst this lockdown , strict actions will be taken against them.
There will be barricades at every main corners and checkposts of the city and there will be strict checking by the officials on the vehicles moving during this lockdown.
According to the information given by District administration 23 areas in Patna City Subdivision, 38 in Patna Sadar, 38 in Danapur, 7 in Masaudi and 8 areas of Paliganj is containment zone now. In 114 containment zones, the number of houses are 15938 in which the total population is 77027. Under 23 containment zones in Patna City 6739 houses and the population is 29977 while in 38 containment zones of Patna Sadar there are 332 houses and the population is 1499. The number of houses under 38 containment zones of Danapur is 4545 while the population is 22061. Under 7 containment zones of Masaudi and 8 containment zones of Paliganj there are 1943 and 2379 houses while the population is 9349 and 14241 respectively.

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