Our country: Expression through letter


Written by Smriti Raj
Photo by Nikhil Sharma
Photo in Frame: Saloni Raj

India: Dear country,
We are going to celebrate 74th years of independence! Today again the story of those brave soldiers is seen in the country, our doctors are being martyred to protecting us , today our country is looking for its smile, the streets are silent, the schools are silent, Vande Mataram is silent, but the Patriotic spirit can’t imprisoned in the chains of Corona, no patriotic tune is being heard in theaters this time, Jalebi is following social distancing in offices but tune of nationalism can be heard through the soul & emotions.

There is a lot of passion in the heart,
Happiness will rekindle in the fields,
the sun will again make saffron color,
the palms of all community will be united,
a patriotic songs will echo in the winds of the land, we will get victory on this pandemnic,
the country will win, and the national flag will swing.”
Jai Hind, Vande mataram

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