Happy New Decade

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By Shomil Anand.

Last day of Decade.

It’s not just 2020 but a whole decade is going to end today, so let’s just not be limited to thinking what this mere year brought or took from us but think about the whole decade. How it changed us and made us what we are today.

I am a firm believer in “Whatever happens, happens for the best.” whether you accept it or not the most valuable lesson behind it is to make you stronger. So, let’s bid this decade with happy faces and all the good memories. For me this Decade had been really special. I completed my school which indeed was the golden phase of my life and then had lots of adventures in the University. I got my bachelor’s degree, completed my diploma and ended up doing an internship. Along with this decade, my student days seems to be over now.

Also this Decade changed me a lot, from being a shy guy to doing stage shows, from being a movie buff to becoming a party animal and now a bibliophile, from being a people’s person to becoming a loner, I explored different personalities inside and around me.

From loving the beauty of night to praising the morning breeze, from sharing my deepest secrets with the moon to competing to shine brighter with the sun my perspective towards life changed.

This Decade transformed me into a better, calm and more positive being. And now it’s time for a whole new game.

A new beginning, a new life, new goals with this new decade.

This Decade will be dedicated to achieving dreams, financial freedom and a lot more learnings.

May we become more happy, tolerant, understanding and spread more love.

May we become more healthy, spend more quality offline times and be at peace with ourselves.

May God Bless Us With All The Positivity.

A Very Happy New Decade.

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