DGP Gupteshwar Pandey: The man with spiritual inclination & Proactive policing

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By Kumari Swati

Patna: Senior IPS officer Gupteshwar Pandey is currently serving as Director of General of police of Bihar. He was born in 1961 in Geruabandh village of Buxar District. After Intermediate he studied in Patna University. He appeared for UPSC and joined the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1987 and was alloted Bihar cadre.
Before becoming the DGP of Bihar, he was DG of BMP and Bihar Police Academy.  
    He has been the  SP of Begusarai, Jahanabad, Arwal,Aurangabad and Nalanda and Naxalite affected area of Combined Bihar – Jharkhand. He has also been a DIG of Munger and Muzaffarpur and afterwards became the IG of Muzaffarpur.
He is the man who is known for his smart policing. During his reign as a SP he headed the different operations and caught many known criminals. His style of policing is synonymous to the singham style. When he became the DGP of Bihar Police, the law and order of the state lacking coordination in between down level Police to upper level Police officers so it was a huge responsibility in his shoulders. And he introduced a new way of dealing with everything. He is well known for making the police force more people friendly.
   He understands the safety and security of the people of Bihar is his own responsibility and stand with Justice always.
He not only maintained the law and order but collectively made the police force work in a collaborative smart way to deal with day to day work.
When we talk about his singham style of policing. He do suprise visits to different police stations, check the station dairies and if the work is not done he make sure that the responsible ones are accountable for their work.
He is known best to manage post crisis and controlling communal violence. In Aurangabad when a communal violence took place, he was the one who went there and controlled the situation.
He is also known for his friendly behaviour with the common masses. He recently visited katraon village and meet the people there, talked to them and ate Chapatti, chilli and salt in total desi style and interacted with the villagers.
He supported the Alcohol ban and done huge  compaign, travelled across Bihar awaring the masses regarding the ill effects of consuming Alcohol. He is well known for his oratory skills. He has given many informational talks on the socio-economic benefits of the total prohibition of Alcohol  imposed in the state. His special focus was on the implementation of the liquor ban policy of Bihar.
He is also Spiritually inclined and  has an interest in  literature and music. He is a man with diverse qualities amalgamated beautifully in one personality. He is an inspiration for many youth of Bihar. The manner of his work, the way he talks and way he conduct himself and the devotion with which he serves the society is an incredible example that many upcoming youth can follow to nurture their personality.
     His spiritually inclined nature mean he understand what should be and what should not be in order to walk a righteous path in a good way to live in the eyes of God. Thinking positive always really brings happiness into his aura that is great source of positive energy for his subordinates and Bihar Police as a whole and even inspired the youths of Bihar.
   It is said Spiritual people don’t claim to be spiritual. It’s a pathway of constant self discovery and realization through the journey of life he selected.

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