kuch to log kahenge logo ka Kaam hai kehna: Sneha Kumari.

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By Kumari Swati.

Today is International Girl’s child day. The whole world is celebrating this day and embracing the creation that almighty has gifted us . Hind chakra presents an interesting series of interveiws , of young girls and boys of different cities of India and what is their take on changing dynamics of gender in our country.
The Fourth person to be the part of the series is” Sneha Kumari, a medical student , hailing from the capital city of Bihar , Patna. We bring you an excerpt of an interview with her , where she shared her veiws on the present condition of women in our society.

1.What is your take on celebration of international girls child day ?
Each and every girl child is important for our nation and thus need to be given importance , value and equal opportunity to explore every arena of her life. So this day should be celebrated.
2.Being a girl what you think now days girls have to face in our society?
There are preconceived notions that girls should be well brought up in such a way to make her a marriage material and is prevalent in our society since many years and is still deep rooted ,there are particular set of norms that our society set in their mind and if a girl doesn’t fit in that category ,she is given different tags.why there is a time zone only for the girls to get married? Who the hell is the society to judge her by what she Choose to wear , the way she talks, looks or walks . Why only women are blamed for any wrong deeds happening in the society? If a girl is upfront and put up her viewpoints and wishes whatever she wants to do she is tagged as “shameless” by our so called society. This strictly need to be changed, every girl child should be given the right to live the life according to her own will in her own way. She need to be financially independent.

  1. Have you ever faced any inequality being a girl ?
    Yes I do, numerous times, which is inevitable and need to be totally eradicated which can only happen if each and every girl child is educated and aware about her rights . Equality is something for which we humans always strive for.
  2. What should be the responsibility of a girl in order to make her mark in society?
    My mother always tell me every girl needs to be independent and upfront for what’s right and what’s wrong and completing your education is the first staircase towards it. Every girl should fulfill her dreams and parents should support their child without thinking about what society will say because “kuch to log kahenge logo ka Kaam hai kehna” , Women should never tolerate domestic violence or any injustice done to them, They must need to be vocal about it.

5.What role government can play in order to give equal opportunities to girl?
Government  is doing  their  job  to ensure   and  promote girl’s education like , “Beti bachho , beti padhao “, and many other  government  schemes to bring  Women on front foot.In our state every graduate girl gets 25000 cash on passing.More such initiatives  need to be taken.                             Government should make strict laws and  enforce  them strictly to ensure the safety of every women whether its house,  roads or work place as we are seeing how rape cases,  domestic violence dowry cases are increasing .
6. How do you feel to be born as a girl?
I feel blessed and  happy to be born as a girl and  more over I am lucky and  blessed to have such parents who always  supports me in my each and  every decision .I just want to make  my life  fruitful  ,  help and  motivate as many  people as I can.  I know as a girl we are  very emotional and sensitive  but that’s our strength which makes each of us unique. I love the way I am.
7.Do you think girls have to change , depending on the prevailing factors like molestation, violence, eve teasing?
Yes,  girls need to be  more strong physically and emotionally .They need to know about their rights  and need to be  upfront about  them.  They should understand their importance and  learn  to prioritise themselves first before their families and children. They must love and  embrace themselves as they are.
They should be self independent

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