In my perception every day belong to girls … being a girl we don’t need to celebrate our existence in society : Saraswati kherwar.

Features and interveiws

By Kumari Swati.

Today is International Girl’s child day. The whole world is celebrating this day and embracing the creation that almighty has gifted us . Hind chakra presents an interesting series of interveiws , of young girls and boys of different cities of India and what is their take on changing dynamics of gender in our country.
The third person to be the part of the series , is ” Saraswati Kherwar, ” from Bhopal. She love to call her self Saras. A girl with cool and positive mindset. Saras love to interact with new people, Oprha Winfrey is her inspiration. She wants to become a great communicator like her. She believes in confidence and self belief as a key to success. She shared her interesting veiws on International girls child day.

1.What is your take on celebration of international girls child day ?
In my perception every day belong to girls … being a girl we don’t need to celebrate our existence in society on a special day because every moment belongs to our existence.

  1. Being a girl what you think now days girls have to face in our society?
    well there is much to say … Weather we hear so much about woman empowerment and equality stuff but these are all just talk and talk because I don’t think men will ever see us on their level we cannot be empowered until patriarchy exists in our society .
  2. Have you ever faced any inequality being a girl ?
    Haha…uncountable times …
  3. What should be the responsibility of a girl in order to make her mark in society?
    If society really want to make us feel free and empowered then stop judging girls just because she returns home late at night .Stop evaluating her character over her dress sense .Give her a chance to keep her opinion .Consider her choices as she is able to make the decision for herself.And imperatively all that restrictions and responsibility you impose on us it should be implemented on males as well and let her fly free and high .

5.What role government can play in order to give equal opportunities to girl?
If we are really eager to see changes in our society …then only and only quality education and proper awareness can bring change .And secondary rural and under privileged girls should be brought into a high standard of living .There is much to mention but education is the most important to take in concern for girls.
6.How do you feel to be born as a girl?
well… since childhood the discrimination I had faced..somewhere it made me believe that boys are superior to us… This society is run by men. There were instances when I used to say my parents why God has not made me a boy ..but now I feel fortunate to be a girl.
7.Do you think girls have to change , depending on the prevailing factors like molestation, violence, eve teasing?
As we are seeing and witnessing that administration have failed in context of women security .So I think yes we have to change depending on the situation . We have to keep ourselves protected by being aware and physically and financially strong .

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