Men and women both have been integral parts of my life and I will never differentiate between the two genders: Ayush Dwivedi

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By Kumari Swati

Today is International Girl’s child day. The whole world is celebrating this day  and embracing the creation that almighty has gifted us  . Hind chakra presents an interesting series of interveiws , of young girls and boys of different cities of India and what is their take on changing dynamics of gender in our country.
The second person  to be the part of the series , is ‘”Ayush Dwivedi”from City  of Lakes , Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh, sharing his veiws on girls condition in our country. Ayush has  been born and brought up in Bhopal . He completed his Bachelor’s in Mass communication   and currently pursuing his Master’s in Mass communication . A keen badminton player , and a good photographer, Ayush love to talk on different issues with his friends. The Hind chakra team catch up with this young boy to know his veiws on the international Girls child Day.

1 .What is your take on celebration of international girls child day?
I think it’ s  very important to celebrate International Girl Child Day especially in India because of the prejudice that people have against having a girl child. The associated low  sex rex ratio because people opt for abortion if a girl child is conceived, poor education  for girls and so on . It is important to celebrate this day to highlight these challenges and reinforce the problems as well as their solutions to the ignorant minds.
2.Being a  part of society , what you think girls have to face in our society?
Girls right from their birth are seen as a burden by many people in our society. Abortions upon knowing that the conceived child is a girl , mourning the birth of a girl ,not giving them proper education as compared to the boys as well as expecting them to do household chores whether they have any other profession or not .Domestic violence , ,rapes ,marital rapes ,the list goes on .A girl and subsequently a woman has to endure a lot in our society .
3.Have you ever witnessed any inequality that have been done in your presence to a girl?
Yes ,in my neighbourhood  ,  I saw a girl used to go to a school with nominal  fees whereas the boys in the same home went to a costly public school. The girl also did the dishes ,cleaning and other household work while the boys would enjoy and have fun.
4.What should be the responsibility of the male section of our society to bring a change in the way girls are treated ?
First of all we must learn to respect women . Men should not believe  that they are the masters . Instead God has created us to complement each other . We should lift each other up. The time  is slowly changing . Women  are at  much  better place now as compared to the past . Rapes , abuse , objectification, inequality in wages,opportunities etc are some of the many things that need to be addressed. Strict government rules , broad  minded and well behaved people are required who will  help us to achieve all these goals . Everyone should be educated about these challenges . It is education (moral as well normal) and awareness that can drive out these challenges.

5.What role government can play in order to give equal opportunities to girls?
The government is doing it’s bit because it has brought many schemes and laws in the favour of girl child and women . Prenatal sex determination is banned in our country . some more rules need be made to prevent girls from dropping out from schools and colleges . The minimum age for marriage should be made equal to that of boys . University education and school education should be funded to some extent to improve the female literacy. . Strict laws should be made for salary structure in the oragnisations ( govt or private ) so that women do not face any kind of discrimination at workplace.

  1. Do you think with the increasing crime rates , against women , costume wore by the women is a factor that need to be addressed ?
    It is very unfortunate that people can so easily say that it is because of the small clothes worn by women that they are raped . The counter argument is
    Infant girls are raped . Old ladies are raped . Ladies who wear burkha are raped . It’s the mind of men that is dirty
    Nothing is wrong with the clothes .
    Animals are better than us .We don’t hear about rapes in the animal kingdom . And the best part is ,All of them are naked .
    I hope this argument will drive the last nail into the coffin of this theory.
    7.what is the importance of females in your life?
    First of all I came in this world because my mother gave birth to me ,I am able to answer these questions because I was taught by the best ladies in the world (my lovely teachers) ,some of my best friends have been girls who have helped me through thick and thin . I have my sister , she has been a great guiding force to me. Men and women both have been integral parts of my life and I will never differentiate between the two genders .

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