Nothing can match the taste of Indian desi food: chinmayee Sharma.

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By Kumari Swati

Cooking can be a healing for many. Amidst this lockdown , we have got precious time to peep inside our hidden treasures and find pearl from it . In our series Real people Real conversations , today we bring you an excerpt of an in terveiw of “chinmayee Sharma, a mass communication student from Makhanlal chaturvedi National university of journalism and communication , residing in Bhopal sharing her lockdown story and giving us some interesting insight on cooking.

  1. How you are taking this lockdown?
    I am taking this lockdown in a positive way . Doing new experiments in every thing, seeing new thing , giving new trials to them . Being positive and bringing new and innovative dimension in each aspect of my life.I am cooking that I love to do the most .
    2.Apart from cooking what else you do ?
    I enjoy doing yoga and meditation to make myself calm and be at peace . I love writing so whenever I get time from cooking and my other work , I give time to writing.

3. How you deal with the mood swings and sadness during this lockdown?
It often happens and it’s actually natural to be sad and one don’t feel good at sometimes . If one day is going bad it’s fine but if it continues for the other day , it’s better that we should pile off that baggage and should deal with it in a right way. My way to deal with it, is to stick myself with one positive thought and keep reminding myself regarding that and be grateful for whatever I have. And at last , whenever I feel sad , I do cooking , which is a healing and therapy for me.
4.which new recipe you have tried in this lockdown?
In this lockdown I made “jamun ki lassi ‘ and ” “Mango icecream” . Apart from that I have made Rajma, chole and other Indian recipes
5.which food you love to cook the most ?
I love cooking Indian recipes ,My priority is always Desi Indian food. I always try to make my daily food which we eat at home like Daal chawal , giving a new twist to it , so my family love eating the daily Ghar Ka Khana with new taste and twist. My daal is always special with the special tadka that I give to my daal ,make it more unique and desi ,that vegetable is not required , one can have daal ,roti and chawal .

6. What new things have you learnt about cooking amidst this lockdown?
I have learnt the more you cook , the better you become.its just like that old wise saying that says ” practice makes the man perfect ” . The same thing is with cooking . U better it by cooking more and doing it by your whole heart and enjoying the entire process.
7. Which local ingredient or masala is your favourite that you add to most of your recipes?
Dhania, and Hari mirchi( red chilli ) are my favorite .I like that chilli chatka flavour in my food . And I add these two ingredients in my most of the recipes which requires it. My cooking is incomplete without these two ingredients.
8.which food you recommend that one should try at home during this lockdown?
I would say , go with Indian food, Nothing can match the taste of Indian desi food. Pizza  , burger , all these food give temporary satisfaction ,but nothing can match the taste , authenticity , love and satisfaction that one get while eating
Indian food. Try to make bada pav, poha, chole kulche , any Indian food at home with Indian local masalas.
9.what advice you want to give to the beginners who want to cook but are hesitant?
I would tell them to try to make  some easy food .one can start cooking by making simple zeera aloo but they should love and enjoy the process of cooking. And always make the food with your heart and cooking is fun , so try to be happy and be in the moment while doing it.
10. What have you learnt from this lockdown?
I have learnt that this time is not going to come again , so we should utilize this time to nurture and grow ourselves, spend quality time with our family. Play indoor games with family. Practice self love , give ourselves time, give time to our passion and hobbies and always try to be positive and be in the present moment.

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