Indian handloom industry, a blend of unique designs and finesse

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  • Rina Dhaka, Designer

Delhi: 6 August 2021:: Delhi Kota saris are ethnic contributions to the fashion world. These are globally recognized with their exquisite designs and patterns. Originally, they have their roots in Mysore. In ancient times, these types of saris were brought to Rajasthan by the weavers of Mysore. Later, they become popular as Masuria Malmal, Kota-Masuria, Kota cotton and Kota doria.
The silk provides the shine while the cotton provides strength to the fabric. The checked pattern is termed as khat and is one of the distinguishing features of Kota doria fabric. Kota doria is a very fine weave and weightless. Working with kota weavers Kota.
Working with weavers of Kota
Along with the artistry of weavers, the handloom industry in India demonstrates the richness and diversity of Indian culture. With over 4.3 million people directly and indirectly involved in the production, the handloom industry is the second-largest employment provider for the rural population in India after agriculture. Indian handloom industry products are known for their unique designs and finesse. The trend is to mix old designs with new techniques and create original products.
The handloom industry is really our backbone and it is link to the garment industry’s chain. I also have expertise of two and half decades in fashion. I am a pioneer in the trade and also a founder member of FDCI. I put forth following suggestions for consideration :
a) Providing Capacity Building
b) Hand Holding them for Digitalization and Technology Adoption
c) Helping them to create the Branding and Positioning of their products and services
d) Connect them with Global Markets
Government Bazaars, fairs in India or International markets- This model if existing can be reinvented and made at par with today’s times. Dilli haat is a fine example to replicate or modernize if already existing based on tradition.
Films can create value based tourism to support the craft – can be made aesthetically aired on prime channels. This can also be promoted using social media and other social activities to promote the handloom sector. In the past on fox traveller, I have shot Lucknow and its crafts, making it a destination for TV shows style and city. Model wearing Jharkhand woven fabric dress by Rina Dhaka.
We need to continue our progress work. Better executed collections, fine edits at good pricing to be rejuggled or over hauled in modern prospective, the young will wish to buy.

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