Neha Raj’s article will be Published in the book “Global Thoughts & Opinion” Under the guidelines of Former CJI


Patna: 27 June 2023 :: The article of Neha Raj who is studying in BBA-LLB will be published in global thoughts and opinion being written under the guidance of former Chief Justice of India Deepak Mishra. Which will be edited jointly by former Supreme Court Judge AK Sikri, NLU Kolkata, NLU Delhi, NLU Patiala, NLU Bhopal, NLU Raipur, NLU Ranchi, Vice chancellor of Symbiosis and Judge of Singapore International Court. Neha Rajeshwar is studying in BBA LLB Amity law School, Amity University Chhattisgarh. In this book, Neha Raj has written her article about the sediation law in India. For this book, articles was sought from students studying law from all over the country with their own suggestions. 3800 students registered their name by sending their forms out of which only 150 articles were selected for publication out of which Neha Raj’s article has also been selected for publication.

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