SK Associates & Group organized International Conference on “Building Trust & Credibility through Authentic Digital Branding for Startups”


Hyderabad: 21 July 2023 :: SK Associates & Group organized an International Conference on “Building Trust and Credibility through Authentic Digital Branding for Startups.”: from July 15th – 17th. The Conference was hosted online & streamed LIVE on their YouTube channel from 7- 8:30 PM IST on all 3 days. The Top 16 eminent and noteworthy Digital Marketing Consultants, Senior Content Managers, Social Media Marketing Managers and Professors of Marketing from APAC & EMEA were invited to speak at the event.

SK A&G is an ISO -certified management consulting firm registered under MSMED Act 2006 with the Government of India. We are a strong team of 6,000+ Professionals from various backgrounds and we aim to strengthen global economic growth by providing pro-bono consulting services to budding student entrepreneurs and helping them build their startups across various industries. All the Guest Speakers were awarded a Certificate of Honour and the Attendees were given Participation Certificates.

The Synopsis of the speeches given by the Guests is stated as follows:

Prioritize building relationships, delivering genuine value, and staying true to one’s values and mission to create a lasting impact in the digital arena.

Charu Mehrotra
Womenlines (Singapore)

“Digital branding is the key for startups to establish trust, credibility, and stand out in today’s competitive market. By being authentic, consistent, and engaging with their audience, startups can create a loyal customer base and grow their business exponentially in the digital space. “

Sahan Keerthisoma
Corporate Brand Officer
Madi International (Dubai)

“Build trust, authenticity, and credibility for your startup with micro-influencers. Seamlessly integrate your product into their lives, aligning with your brand’s values. Gain publicity, credibility, and loyal customers while avoiding the misuse of trust associated with celebrities.”

Sampa Anupurba Pahi
Research Scholar
XLRI Jamshedpur

“Authenticity is essential in digital branding. Fake branding may bring initial success, but it damages trust and reputation, resulting in revenue loss. Build genuine connections, deliver value, and earn loyal customers for sustainable growth. “

Dr. Arghya Ray
Assistant Professor
IMI, Kolkata

“Turn customers into brand ambassadors who amplify your brand’s value. Delight, engage, and nurture these relationships, and watch your brand soar with their collective voice. “

Arpita Kushwaha
Founder and CMO

“Customer experience, value proposition, and relationship building are the pillars of success. Deliver exceptional experiences, communicate your unique value, and foster meaningful connections. By prioritizing these elements, you lay the foundation for long- term success and customer loyalty. “

Dr Gaurav Gupta
Assistant Professor
Amity University

“Consistency and transparency are key to knowing your brand and building it. By maintaining a clear and cohesive identity, and fostering transparency in all interactions, you establish trust and loyalty. Embrace these principles to effectively build and elevate your brand.”

Kalinda Wickramage
Chief Marketing Officer
Finwin Group (Dubai)

“Personal branding begins with a strong digital presence. Uphold your values, maintain consistency, and let your authentic self shine. By leveraging the power of digital platforms, you can craft a compelling personal brand that resonates with others and opens doors to new opportunities. “

Jose Kiggundu
AGID – Rhode Island (US)

“A user-centred approach begins with diligent audience research. By understanding your users deeply, you can design experiences that resonate and cater to their needs. Research your audience with care, and pave the way for meaningful connections and exceptional user experiences. “

Sumit Maredia
Sr. UI/UX Designer

By sharing compelling narratives, storytelling, providing value, actively engaging on social media, and prioritizing customer-centricity, startups can build trust. Personalise & offer unique perspectives. Transparency & consistency are key to building credibility in the digital realm.”

Nidhi Rajput
Senior Content Marketing Manager
Ex Z1 Media

“Authentic digital branding builds trust and credibility for startups. Transparency, honesty, and genuine engagement are the keys to establishing lasting connections with customers in the digital world.”

K. Kiran Kumar
Mettu University

“By putting filters on your audience, mapping the customer journey, and prioritizing user experience, brands can achieve a seamless and impactful connection. Uniformity in brand experience fosters trust, engagement, and loyalty, creating a remarkable journey for customers to embark upon. “

Prof. Suparna Ghosal
Adjunct Professor
JAIN University

“Purpose-driven brands strategically position themselves to create lasting connections. The 6W model emphasizes the importance of clarifying ‘why’ and finding a unique market position that resonates and inspires. “

Ornella di Cataldo
Digital Business (Argentina)

“Ensure ads are visible, clear, and understandable. Engage with the digital community to foster connections. By making ads easy to perceive and actively participating, brands can deliver their message effectively and build lasting relationships. “

Ruth Wachira
Founder & Director
StopGap Consultants (UAE)

“Trust and credibility are paramount for startups in the digital realm. Through authentic digital branding, startups can forge genuine connections, foster transparency, and earn the trust of their audience. Building trust is the cornerstone of long-term success.”

Arpan Mishra
Digital Navik Pvt. Ltd.

“Embrace marketing with your unique voice. Stay relevant through blogs/podcasts. Adapt to digital trends like AI. Consistency breeds authenticity and credibility. Don’t give up in tough times; let your brand shine.”

Deepa Halder
Assistant Professor
IIM Indore

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