Marriage & motherhood are two big challenges in the life of women police says Retd. IPS Dr. Kiran Bedi


IIT Patna: 7 October 2023 :: The two- day National Seminar on “Working, efficiency, and effectiveness of women police personnel in Bihar” sponsored by the National Commission for Women – India, New Delhi, was jointly inaugurated by Prof. T. N. Singh (Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Patna Patna), Sutapa Sanyal (former DGP, UP), J. S. Gangwar, ADG (Hqr.), Dr Papia Raj, Dr Aditya Raj and Shri Vishwa Ranjan (Registrar, IIT Patna) on 3rd October 2023 at CLH-102, Indian Institute of Technology, Patna.

Prof. T N Singh welcomed the participants and congratulated the women police personnel of Bihar for their working and efficiency. J S Gangwar enlightened us with the encouraging statistics regarding the induction of women personnel in Bihar police. He mentioned about landmark achievements in Bihar police such as inception of 40 women police stations, the creation of 2 special All Women Police Battalion, inception of women police help desk, Unique Paramarsh Cell, Dial 112 (24/7 service) etc.

Sutapa Sanyal talked about the Glass ceiling and gender stereotypes in the profession of Indian police. She discussed about “imposter syndrome” where women may internalize self-doubt of intellect, and skills due to these stereotypes. She stressed on building support system, networking skills, and self- empowerment for women.

Abhiyanand, former DGP Bihar, in his opening remarks, expressed his delight to witness a seminar on women police being organized in a technical institute like IIT. He deeply interacted with women police personnel and mentioned a few important questions on Indian police that he has also addressed in his recent book “Unbounded: My Experiments with Law, Physics, Policing and Super 30”. Firstly, what is the necessity for the police in society? Who will police the police? Why are crimes committed at all? and why is there mistrust between police and people? He cited interesting examples from his 37 years of experience of having served in the Indian Police and motivated the audience. *He also talked about the concepts of “parallel state”, and “law and order” and concluded by stating that the power” to police the police” actually lies in the “acceptance” of the citizens.

Addressing the participants virtually on the occasion Dr. Kiran Bedi as chief guest of two -day National Seminar, appreciated the session on women police conducted by IIT Patna. She highlighted about the importance of uniform for women police. She thoroughly interacted with women police personnel about their personal and professional life challenges. For personal life she stressed on the following aspects such as- personal life is intertwined with professional life. She argued that marriage and motherhood are two big challenges in the life of women police unlike men. A woman in uniform lives in a glass box while man does not. She emphasised on the importance of having hostels for the children of women police. As there are many women whose children live alone without any help, thus hostel is needed for their children. She further highlighted NCW representatives’ needs to ensure hostels for the children of women police. There is a need to identify the children of women police who are unattended. They must get a day off for their children. As this is a human right and human right of their children.

Further, Dr. Bedi underlined the importance of support system and sisterhood among women police personnel. For that she suggested to have a WhatsApp group of all women police officers so that they can support each other. Based on her own experiences she emphasised on seeking help from mothers who can help as the attendant of their children. If they can afford, they should seek help regarding household chores. Having an own house is very important. She summarises by saying- planning is needed for everything; one needs to prioritized things and should create support system for them.

Regarding professional life she highlighted few points. Firstly, never take any obligation from anyone in terms of postings. Always work with honestly and do DD entry regularly. Suggestions and recommendations by Dr. Kiran Bedi- IIT can run a course on computer learning for women police and provisions for regular counselling sessions for them. She also suggested having inter-departmental exams for further promotions.

The session concluded with a vote of gratitude from Dr. Aditya Raj, one of the program co-ordinators of the two-day National Seminar on “Working, efficiency, and effectiveness of women police personnel in Bihar” sponsored by the National Commission for Women – India, New Delhi.

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