SK Associates & Group organised an International Conference on “The Role of Government in Fostering Entrepreneurships”


Hyderabad: 20 March 2024 :: SK Associates & Group organized an International Conference on “The Role of Government in Fostering Entrepreneurships” from March 15th – 17th. The Conference was hosted online & streamed LIVE on their YouTube channel from 7- 8:30 PM IST on all 3 days. The Top 16 eminent and noteworthy Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Founders, Co-founders, CA/CS/CFA Professionals, Deans, Head Digital Marketing, Assistant professors, professors and multiple other industry expert from APAC & EMEA were invited to speak at the event.

SK A&G is an ISO-certified management consulting firm registered under the MSMED Act 2006 with the Government of India. We are a strong team of 6,000+ Professionals from various backgrounds and we aim to strengthen global economic growth by providing pro-bono consulting services to budding student entrepreneurs and helping them build their start-ups across various industries. All the Guest Speakers were awarded a Certificate of Honour and the Attendees were given Certificates for successfully participating in the conference.

The Synopsis of the speeches given by the Guests is stated as follows:

Government initiatives set the stage, but entrepreneurship fuels the journey. With supportive ecosystems, policies, and incentives, governments empower visionaries to turn ideas into impactful ventures, bridging innovation with opportunity for societal progress.

Dr. Vishal Gandhi
Founder & CEO
BIORx Venture Advisors Pvt. Ltd

Governments architect opportunity, nurturing entrepreneurship through policy and investment. This partnership cultivates fertile ground for bold ideas, paving the way for innovation to thrive and economies to prosper.

Prof (Dr) Hemant Sharma
Pro Vice- Chancellor
GNA University

Government initiatives fuel India’s startup growth, empowering entrepreneurs with incentives and policies. Let’s seize these opportunities for impactful change and contribute to India’s entrepreneurial success.

Mittu Tigi
Chief Executive Officer
AIC- IIIT Kottayam

Embrace the entrepreneurial journey with government support and digital infrastructure. Innovate, persevere, and network to thrive. Every setback is a chance to grow, bringing you closer to success.

Akshay Banda
Co- Founder & CXO
Being Ambitious

Innovation fuels entrepreneurship, but government support is key. Together, through collaboration and effort, we can unleash Mexico’s entrepreneurial spirit for national prosperity.

Sara Valencia Martínez
CEO & Founder
Le Mosh Consulting (Mexico)

Empowering entrepreneurship isn’t just a choice; it’s imperative for governments committed to igniting economic prosperity. Success in business isn’t solely defined by the absence of obstacles but by how you overcome them. Remember, resilience is not gained in calm waters; it’s how you brave the storm that defines how you raise your bar.

Twinkle Bahaduri
TedX Speaker

In the AI era, seize innovation but prioritize ethics and inclusivity. Let’s navigate this transformative landscape with integrity, shaping a future where entrepreneurship flourishes alongside human values.

Dr. Aleksandra Stevanovic
Adjunct Professor
Woxsen University (Serbia)

As entrepreneurs, let’s harness government investments in education, infrastructure, and funding to drive positive change. Together, we’ll cultivate a future where innovation thrives, benefiting individuals and society alike.

Arjun Agarwal
Founder & CEO

Entrepreneurship flourishes when government acts as both a shield, protecting startups from unnecessary obstacles, and a beacon, guiding them towards the shores of success with strategic policies and unwavering support.

Pritam Das
Founder & Owner
International Mongers

Entrepreneurship flourishes when governments and private sectors unite to empower innovators. As entrepreneurs let’s educate ourselves, engage with policymakers, and advocate for supportive policies. Together, we’ll create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem where aspirations turn into actions.

Luis Aspuru
Founder, Asgar (Mexico)

Entrepreneurship flourishes when governments and collective support systems align to pave the way for innovation and growth. As entrepreneurs, let’s embrace collaboration and advocate for policies that nurture our ventures, ensuring a brighter, more resilient future for all.

Alexandra Irina Pînzariu
The FutureKit &

Government’s support in entrepreneurship is the catalyst that ignites the flames of creativity and fuels the engines of progress, propelling nations towards a brighter, more innovative future.

Adv Rohan Patwardhan
Founding & Managing Partner
LexRobe Legal

“Entrepreneurship begins with a mindset fueled by passion and purpose, but it thrives when paired with financial literacy and discipline. Embrace the journey of learning and cultivating both your entrepreneurial mindset and financial acumen, for they are the pillars of success in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

Scarlett Marcel Vantedeschia
Zitrev Your Pass for a Better You (Mexico)

Government’s role in entrepreneurship is not just to open doors, but to build bridges. Through policy, investment, and collaboration, they empower dreamers to navigate the path from idea to impact, driving economic growth and societal progress.

CA Ramita Bhatia
Ramita Bhatia & Company

“Entrepreneurial growth and innovation thrive when governments invest in R&D, prioritize education and training, and foster networks of collaboration. As entrepreneurs, embrace these opportunities to innovate, learn, and connect, empowering yourselves to drive meaningful change and shape a brighter future for all.

Sujata Patnaik
Founder & CEO
WE- OBD Podcast

Youth entrepreneurship unlocks innovation, jobs, and prosperity. Seize government support and education opportunities to turn your ideas into impact. Your journey starts with support and determination.

Vatsal Safaya
Code Collab

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