National Seminar organised on “Empowering Youth for Green Initiatives & Plantation Drives” by JNU, Delhi & Dharti International Foundation

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  • Sheetal Arya, JNU, New Delhi

New Delhi: 11 May 2024 :: The symbiotic relationship between youth and the environment has never been more crucial, than present times. With climate change looming as one of the greatest challenges of our time, it is imperative to empower the younger generation with the knowledge and tools to tackle environmental issues effectively. Recognizing this urgency, the Dharti International Foundation (DIF), in collaboration with the Centre for Korean Studies (CKS) at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), recently organized a seminar focused on “Empowering Youth for Green Initiatives and Plantation Drives.”

The seminar commenced with a symbolic Diya lighting ceremony by the Chairperson and esteemed guests. Following it, Dr. Neerja Samajdar, Chairperson of CKS welcomed Nishant Bhardwaj and Sheetal Arya (DIF), Dr Satyanshu Shrivastava, and Santosh Kumar Ranjan, faculty members of CKS, and esteemed guests of the seminar Prof P K Joshi and Dr Pankaj Kumar Gupta. Sheetal Arya provided insights into the foundation’s history and its significant initiatives for environmental conservation. She also highlighted the collaborative efforts between DIF and leading universities and institutions of the nation such as JNU, BHU, Pondicherry University, IIT, and others to amplify their impact.

The seminar gained momentum with an enlightening lecture by P K Joshi, a renowned professor at the Centre for Environmental Studies, JNU. Mr. Joshi delved into the intricate relationship between youth and the environment, emphasizing the profound connection between Indian deities and nature. His insightful discourse resonated with the audience, shedding light on the cultural roots of environmental stewardship.

Following Mr. Joshi’s lecture, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Gupta from the Centre for Rural Technology Development (CRTD) at IIT Delhi engaged in an interactive session with the young audience. Dr. Gupta empowered the students by elucidating how each individual possesses the ability to make a powerful impact on the environment through conscious actions and sustainable practices. His guidance inspired the attendees to embrace their role as catalysts for positive change.

The seminar culminated in a dynamic question-answer round, where enthusiastic participants actively contributed their perspectives and insights. This interactive exchange fostered a sense of collective responsibility and encouraged collaborative problem-solving approaches among the youth. As a token of gratitude and appreciation, Nishant Bhardwaj, President of DIF, felicitated the esteemed guests with shawls, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the seminar. Additionally, each student embraced their commitment to environmental stewardship by adopting a plant, symbolizing their pledge to nurture and protect the environment for a sustainable future.

In conclusion, the seminar organized by DIF and the Centre for Korean Studies at JNU served as a platform to empower youth with the knowledge, inspiration, and resources necessary to spearhead green initiatives and plantation drives. By fostering dialogue, collaboration, and a sense of responsibility, such initiatives pave the way for a brighter, greener future, driven by the passion and determination of the youth.

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