Why Judgemental

And I guess you too have the body like the rest ,
Still you lavishly try to judge the worst and the best.

Even you have a life,
But you prefer discussing his wife.
Isn’t it hilarious, you do what you like and wanna fly like a beautiful Dove ,
But can’t tolerate her doing whatever she love.

You talk and laugh and shout anywhere you want,
And you don’t want to see even her smile; because you partial your can and her can’t.
Enjoying midnight parties are cool for you,
Perhaps seeing her just chilling out with her cronies, for you, why it becomes something unusual and new ?

You possess not same amount but the same colour of blood,
So if she has a little more, what makes you call her a sporadic flood.
You need strength and stamina when you bleed,
So why a witty laugh when she is in need.

How dare you judging her and making her to be in the shroud ,
When you are the very exact but still so proud.

when you have the same FUNDAMENTAL!

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