Menance of Corona by Deepali Singh


Our lives are at sake and our existence is in question
let’s ignite the lantern of cheerfulness and optimism
and blow out the prevailing pessimism

This time, time is shitting all our realism and theism
and asking where-abouts of those separatist religions?
The nation has called for oneness

Are we truly united for this sanguine sense?
Economy is shaking up and we are oscillating in isolation
and country’s competence has put an interpellation

The country today is facing hunger and starvation
where’s that pomp and show and where are those celebrations?

The time is demanding our life’s donation
and we are queuing up emotional connections
Sadness,anxiety ,madness and depression

Nowadays have added to our everyday’s calculation
and here’s cruel CORONA’S outrageous proclamation
In different forms its menance will continue till generations.

Now,where are those degrees, achievements and other such qualifications?
Only isolation can prevent from this dire fear and trepidation.
and this isolation must be treated only as an isolation not a discrimination.

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