Patna’s Scrap made café by Aditi Sinha


The energy café in Patna is making news everywhere with its unique sense of decoration and furniture .

The café owners here are using old drums as chairs and tables A portion  of an old Ambassador car as a sofa and the control panel of an unused power sub station as a table.

The VidyutBhavan in the electricity department office of Patna now has a fully remodelled coffee shop which contains the old scrap collected from the dump yard of the Bihar state energy department.

In this café a few unused parts of an old bicycle that was used by the employees of the electricity department are being utilised for a signboard.

An old Ambassador car used by Bihar State Electricity Board Secretary is now renovated and remodelled as sofa.The control panel of the power sub station is made intact with nuts and bolts. The glass top is installed on it to make a perfect table . The oil drums were made into chairs and tables.

The menu board was modelled from wood made from cable rolls.

The principal secretary of the energy department said that they noticed a lot of scrap lying in the dumpyards for years so that they decided to start a café. The main idea was to transform while keeping the energy   intact. The area of café is 1800 square feet.

The theme is energy and the energy department is offering a mix of organic food and tea with the intention of increasing the energy levels of the people visiting it.

The menu offers a variety of food from breakfast to brunch so take time to enjoy the energy café near you.

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