Artists of the dance department showed their love by dancing and winning their mother’s heart on Mother’s Day


Patna, “The existence of every human being on the earth is due to the Mother. The word mother has a sense of the whole creation.”
In the same sense today, all the students of music education have celebrated Mother’s Day by living in their homes, and dancing in their own way, they offering greeting cards, singing beautiful poems and songs. And participated in the competition organized by Shikkshayatan. This competition was in three groups.
Painting Competition: For ages 6-9
Dance competition: for ages 10-15.
Poetry and Shlogan Writing Competition: For artists above 15 years of age.
The young children made a beautiful painting and showed the child. Some were playing with Ma and some were dancing while dancing. Anvesha a very young artist portrayed “Apni Ma in the love of the whole world.”
The same artists of the dance department showed their love by dancing and winning their mother’s heart…
Tu kitni achchha hai, tu kitni bholu hai,
Ungli pakar ke Chala, Mamta ke anchal me Pala….
Ungli pakar ke chalna Sikha de….
….a dance- drama performed very well.

Nishtha Solanki, Bhavna, Shabnam Chaudhary, Nikki Rashmi Sharma, Pandit Sumit Sharma, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Kaushal Kumar Pandey, Rahul Shukla, Dilip Kumar Pathak, Rupesh Kumar All of you budding poets in their beautiful creations of poetry, slogan, couplets etc. Participated in the competition also given online presentation.

The competition was decided by the administrative committee and related expert gurus. in which for painting
First: Soumya
Second: Nandani
Third: Investigation
 Awarded by giving certificate.
For poetry and slogan
First: Nikki Rashmi Sharma
Second: Shabnam Chaudhary
Third: Manoj Kumar Sharma
Special prize: Bhavna

All the winners and participants have got the certificate.
Participants are Awasthi, Ayushi, Sneha Poddar, Ananya Apurva, Jyoti, Isha, Khushi, Aarav, Aditya Shubham etc.
Board of Administrators
World Janchetna Trust “India”
Bilaspur Pilibhit (UP) provided.

The program is organized by Sangeet Shikshayatan, Patna and Jury on the occasion Mrs. Rekha Sharma (Secretary, Shikshayatan), Pandit Sumit Sharma (President VJTB, Bihar) Mr. Awadhesh Jha (Poet), Ms. Yamini (Kathak dancer), Mr. Ravi Mishra ( Dancer) are attendend online.
About 150 viewers, who were involved in the online live group, were applauded and delighted by the parents watching the presentation one post after another. Along with this, there were more comments and feedback.

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