Factors leading to the change in the portrayal of women in media.


By Kumari Swati

Media portrays the reality of the society and thus as the society changes the media perceives that change and showcase the exact change in their content. Initially the concept of “Abla naari ” Was popular in which the female protagonist is shown in a bechaari mode and his hero will save him from the goons and there will live happily ever after.
As the time changed , the working women concept , the independent and educated women deciding everything on their own concept enters in media.
These changes took place due to various reasons . The audience become more educated and aware and thus they want to see the content they can relate to thus , more refined and fresh content started appearing in media.
The stiff competition among other media and the coming up of various private channels and entertainment mediums put across the series of choices among audiences and thus good stories were in demand. The OTT platforms are coming up with fresh stories giving a new way to women characters . Short films and Documentry movies , webisodes are made where presentation of women is justified .
The arrival of social media is another factor that led to this change as social media gave power to audiences and left them with varied choices and feedback become the major source of information for content developers to understand the choices of the audiences.
More awareness related to women rights and political activism also influenced the content . The number of female directors, writers and technicians got increased and being women filmakers they gave some of the best movies with memorable female characters.

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