Changing content with the innovative marketing strategies .


By Kumari Swati

Entertainment business is all about content and marketing. With the changing content there have been different innovative marketing strategies used by the content creators to make a buzz regarding the product among the audiences. initially television advertising were popular for television content and for movies publicity through print was widely popular . But with the change in content and increasing reach of the audience media mix is a tool used by major television channels and film producers to publicise their content.
The new content that we see nowadays on television targets the story of a small town, their lifestyle, their day to day problems. Women issue based content are taken majorly today by leading channels and to put forth their content among viewers , they adopt different marketing strategies.
Star plus changed its slogan to ” Rishta wahi soch nayi ” and the shows that were majorly telecast on this channel was resembling with the slogan .
The memes , social media marketing , event promotion , print ads as well as they target the customers according to the media they are exposed to . The shows based on cities like kanpur, lucknow , the actors of the show goes to these cities and do promotion for their shows. Thus change in content is changing the different marketing methods used to promote and publicize the show.

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