Banning 59 Chinese apps ,indian govt. took a smooth shift toward self-reliance: or boycotting china????

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On June 29 ,New Delhi has ban 59 Chinese apps including Popular apps Tik-tok ,citing the National security threat and data security reason. This move have come  following the ongoing border disputes tensions between the two Asian Nations after killing 20 indian soldiers and several injured.

By : Lovely singh
New Delhi:

The central government’s unprecedented move to ban 59 Chinese apps, opens a new front in the economic retaliation  , following the ongoing Indo- sino  border disputes in  which 20 Indian soldiers have died including one colonel officer santosh Babu and several injured on both sides on 15 th June . But Chinese stay numb on the numbers of casualties of their side. (Earlier,  On May 5th Having hand to hand scuffle turned in to a  violent clashes between chines and Indian troops while patrolling  gallwan valley Eastern Ladak.)  Between the Indian and Chinese military personnel along the Line of actual control {LAC} at Galwan valley in Eastern Ladak.) 
Citing concerns to both data security and national sovereignty,  govt on June 29 , blocked 59 widely used  apps including the popular social networking video  among youth are Tik-tok ,Uc  browser and the SHARE it , mostly linked to Chinese companies.Explaining the ban ,The ministry of etctronic and information technology cited that the apps had been reported for stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users data in an unauthorised manner to servers outside the india.Although the govt. charges of National security threat and data security has left a question to people whether indian application with significant Chinese contribution could also be come under the scrutiny or only banning Chinese online platform!!!While Banning Chinese  apps might be the right decision done by the Indian government but this was essential for the security reasons.
Surely , the Indian users of the chines platform will be unconveinced. But this is the relevant  initiative for the domestic Indian tech. industry to step further to fill this breach .Moreover,New Delhi has been trying to revive domestic manufacturing with a call for self- reliance and reduction of over all Chinese imports.over the last two decades, china lags most of the major economies in terms of the foreign  direct investment put in to the india. Unfortunately Due to the  ongoing cold war between two Asian power it seems that  a sudden blanket ban on Chinese import could be self -defeating proposition for Indian economy.

China has always been a troublemaker for indian diplomat whether it is a claim made by the chines President Xi xingping’s communist party of China that one third of the south China sea come under the Chinese dictatorship or it can be seen as a blockage the route for India to becoming  sco membership or whether the move done by Chinese defending the listing of Massod Azhar as global terrorist for four times at UN security council .At all vulnerable situation , Indian counterpart ( whether it is BJP or congress) have never expressed his concern over Chinese aggressive attitude and chose to remain numb .

But this time , Indian government  took a  major swift against chinese irrelevant aggression over the border disputes . Therefore , To turn the Indian government move in to a global movement against chinese technology across  the world, India will have to take strategically steps and firm decision to tackle ongoing  borders disputes along line of actual control (LAC) at Galwan valley in Eastern Ladak. As well as they  have to express greater solidarity with G7 countries including , Australia,and south africa ,so that other powerful country can bulit alliances to take action against china’s unwanted demand. No nation can afford his dictatorship nature.

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