Crime not take place by looking at the status of the person.


By Kumari Swati

Samstipur (Bhuidhara):Crime can take place anywhere , at anytime with anyone. It doesn’t happen by looking at the status of the person.The recent case is the best Example of this.The retired soldier ,Anil Kumar went to attend his friend’s marriage in Bhuidhara village which is located near Tajpur city . The Alto car was stolen in which Anil Kumar was travelling.The FIR of this incident has been reported in the Muffasil police station.
According to the FIR that has been reported , Anil Kumar ,borrowed a friend’s Alto car to attend his another friend’s son wedding which took place in a village Bhuidhara near Samastipur.During night , he parked his car at his maternal uncle’s home and went to sleep .At morning approx 4 am when he went to saw his car, his car was not there. On the other side the police official , Vikram Acharya said that , police has filed the FIR and investigation has been already started.
This case tells that if a car of Retired soldier , can be robbed than what a normal civilian can expect.

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