What makes up the entire Netflix service

Thousands of Micro -servers – one Gaint system.


By- Lovely singh.

Well through this blog we will knew that how Netflix is structured on the technological side with a simple example. here we go…..

Let’s just assume that any particular Maps app has been installed in our phone for tracking our location all the time and saves complex information about everywhere we go in a file, locations.txt.  And if we created an app called Location Tracker, that, provided there’s a Maps app on your phone, looks for this locations.txt file and shows all the places recorded in that file in a simple list. It works flawlessly. But now let’s just assume that some developers assume that it is better idea to store all data or all the information somewhere else than in that Location .text file and then updates the app so that it no longer creates or stores any in formation in my Phone.

Now location tracker app is no longer in use or it can’t seem to find that a particular Location. text file and it will all depends on its data and there will no way to extract data from that map app ,that means location trackers app has been corrupted and will not worked now …….you seemed screwed…..All our work on Location tracker app has gone into the trash because a change was made to Maps that broke our app. And while it might not seem a big deal here but  on a huge service like Netflix the entire application  can going down because a change was made to one part of it can not only ruin the experience for users, it also means that all other parts of the application have to be rewritten to accommodate that one tiny change our developers has been made to one part of the app. Such a structure is what we call a monolithic architecture.

It means each and every application, or microservice’s code and resources are its very own. It will not share any of it with any other app by nature. And when two applications do need to talk to each other, they use an application programming interface(API) — a tightly-controlled set of rules that both programs can handle. Developers can now make many changes, small or huge, to each application as long as they ensure that it plays well with the API. And since the one program knows the other’s API properly, no change will break the exchange of information.

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