Dropout rate will increase or decrease after pandemic


By Saras Kherwar

Many  students  were on the verge to  complete their degrees this year , but the the Graduation batch of 2020 have  to wait for this pandemic to end to receive their degrees. But there are many students ,who want to quit and  drop school due to several other reasons ,especially  girls in rural areas.The reasons are various that force these students to drop school every year in India.The reasons includes Lack of support from parents to pursue further studies ,Lack of guidance, lack of access to resources  ,lack of awareness and financial support also make huge impact on student’s  education . The circumstances  are much worse amidst the pandemic and  to curb this  situation the  government need to take some appropriate action  in order to sustain students lives and ensure that they continue their education. Better education of students creates a better world for them. A series of developmental activities are carried out by these youth which in result lead to development of our country.   Social barriers and  taboos still exist in rural areas  which says  girls should not get  education , instead they should get married and start a  family . Many  people still carry  that old traditional thought which says that ‘karna to inko chulha chauka hi hai’, what she will do   after getting  education . But this is not the complete truth, however things are slightly  changing and people are  starting to  accept  the  importance of girl’s education and we need to work much more in this regard. The people who belongs to poor and financially weaker section of society  are more likely to be dropouts because their  economical state doesn’t allow them to study further .They start to  work anywhere ,out of their  interest just for the sake to  earn and  support their  family  .If this condition remain prevalent for  a long time in our country then students will leave schools and colleges  ,leaving their education midway and being unskilled.If they lack the essential skills which is required to get  better opportunity  then they will end up doing meagre jobs.   This is not just an individual’s  plight but actually  it’s a matter of our country’s development.  . Youth are the future of our nation and hence the  students achievements and accomplishments decides the future of  our country. Many of the parents are not also keen regarding their child’s future and thus there is  decrease in  the student’s motivation towards studies . Lack of access to better study tools like having no desk, books , good internet  connection ,and electronic gadgets like mobile and laptops create a felling of  inferiority among them which is also a reason that contributes to their bad mental health  , they are not given any choice and they quit the education which is a basic right of a child.Talking on problems and causes will only lead to its increase rather we should focus on the
solutions that is  waiting to be  implemented by the  government . By building good foundation for students with their policies,  government need to conduct more awareness programs  and strategise it’s implementation .They should ensure that no child in India remain illiterate . Parents need to motivate their child to go to schools and seek education. The programmes related to  gender equality need to be promoted by the government. They should  support financially weak families with extra care . The government also need to make an awareness among these parents regarding the benefits of education by their policies and propagating their programmes at grassroot level. This pandemic have brought  a major shift  socially, economically, technically and in various other aspects of  society.
Social awareness, financial help ,easy access of facilities and services could make a change in this problem and lead to move towards a better solution.  This pandemic have also popped out the question of Government’s action in regard to mental health.Hence   , at policy level ,we need a better policy dealing with mental health of our country and providing free counselling to the childrens and parents who are somewhere confused and tensed  regarding the ongoing changes taking place in our society .

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