Most of Spiritual Guru talk on brahma alternatively turn to be a beggar: Justice Rajendra Prasad

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Patna, Yoga & Spirituality: Brahma itself defines the entire universe! In the special series of spiritual awakening the Editor in Chief of Hind Chakra talked to Justice Rajendra Prasad said that God is everywhere, not just in temples and one’s faith should come from within. Our pure holy religion is practiced in different ways and there is an extension of belief beyond personal lives into the social order also. But the true path of the divine is still the same.
Further, Justice Prasad says that the pure mind and true believer can only achieve this path, no money and jewels could lead us to the divine, when there is presence of impurity in one’s mind.

Agreed with the words of Justice Prasad, Abdhesh Jha shares one such incident where he encounters one of his colleague was very tensed as his son’s mental stress got worst with days. He went for quite at a spiritual organisation for some treatment but nothing helped. The man was always a believer of God, but ways to achieve the peace were different. He went to this anonymous trust organization where he was promised to be treated, but no sooner were asked for heavy donations on the name of God. There are many such wrong on the name of spirituality.
As Justice Prasad said today most of Spiritual Guru talk on brahma alternatively turn to be a beggar because they don’t know everybody is equal in the eyes of lord, and such frauds would lead us nowhere.
When the victim met Mr Jha & told whole story. Further he gain back the courage and applied more practical approach that a simple Yoga & meditation practice suggested by Jha that very soon his son started recovering to better health.
Concluding the conversation Justice Prasad Said, One should be wise enough to choose the right path and true devotion towards God is everything. Your belief and devoted will lead you to a right path, all you need is trust yourself and the all mighty. No false religious practices and superstitions can align you to the all mighty. People may have different means of approaching divinity & Spirituality but one could lead there with pure heart and true devotion.

By Tanya (Student of Delhi University)

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