Why today appears worst than the past: Justice Rajendra Prasad

Regional Yoga & Spirituality

By Kumari Swati

Patna, Yoga & Spirituality: Today seems worst than the past, there are various reasons behind it. In the special series of spiritual Awakening the Editor in chief of Hind chakra talked to Justice Rajendra Prasad, Former Judge of Patna High Court and president of All India Judges association, Delhi.
He Said, Today the situation that we are facing is worst, because, we have not gave importance to the things in the past and if we continue to do so, we will be the only one  who will be responsible for making our future worst.
When we observe minutely, we will find out that, the present that we are living in ,is the result of our past and  the future that we are going to live will be the byproduct of our present. So it’s better that we control our present actions in order to live a happy future, because present is the only thing that is in our control. Our present decides our future.
He further said that, In India, we have been gifted by immense amount of  knowledge and wisdom. Our forefathers have imprinted that knowledge in Vedas and upanishads . We belong to a legacy where we have seen how the sages and scholars of our land have used this knowledge wisely in their present time to make their future bright.
But somewhere as the future generation, we as humans have not been able to use that knowledge wisely and that knowledge has somewhere got suppressed in our civilization and we tend to move in another direction which is leading us  towards the  path of  doom.
The way we behave, the way our society functions is reflecting that  we are going in wrong direction. When we go down the memory lane, we can find out the level of  standard our society had.
He gave the example of Raja Harishchandra. He narrated his story by stating that  his honesty was his utmost priority which he lived by his entire life.  Once Raja Hariahchandra saw in his dream that he have donated his kingdom to someone and the very  next day Vishwamitra  came to him  and asked for his kingdom and he happily gave his kingdom to Vishwamitra without any hesitation. This was the standard of our society which reflected the real essence and importance of truth and ethics .
He added that, its an hour of need that we should go back to our roots and unlearn the learnt and learn that values and ethics that determines our morale strength as individuals and society.

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