PM Modi is set to inaugrate the grand Ram Mandir Bhoomi pujan tomorrow.


By – Lovely singh.

Uttar Pradesh : On August 5 ,PM Narendra Modi will perform the break-ground (Bhoomi pujan ) ceremony of the Ram temple in Ayodhya .He will lay a 40 -kg silver bricks to begin the construction of the Ram temple, sources said.

Ayodhya has been decked up for the Bhoomi pujan that will be attended by almost 175 Eminent guests including 135 seers have been invited.The U.P police have stringent cities security by imposing the 144 act ,which means not more than 4 people will be allowed to gather at a public palce and prohibitory ordered are also in force.while stressing more emphasis on ongoing severe conditions of Covid cases, It’s mandatory to everyone to follow the social distancing protocol as precautionary element.

According to sources, PM Modi will leave for lucknow by a special flight tomorrow morning at 10:25 from Delhi. After his arrival at lucknow, His first visit will be the Hanumangarh ,where he will expected to pray for 10 minutes. After this ,it is expected around 12:15 , PM Modi will proceed to Ram temple or the site of temple,where he will perform the traditional ritual of planting trees to inaurgrate the breakground ceremony.

Around 12:40 , Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya on Wednesday.

Moreover, With the announcement of this grand ceremony , a 3 days Religious events have been organised. The first day was dedicated to the lord Ganesha and other deities connected to Lord Ram and Sita ( Ramacharcha ) who’s rituals have been performed or prayed by the 9 prominent priests of the kashi . The Bhoomi poojan ceremony will expected to be start at 8 am tomorrow . All the safety majors and precautions have been taken place while conducting this grand ceremony.

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