Glorious Ram Mandir that is soul close to the heart of Hindus: Abdhesh Jha

Yoga & Spirituality

By Tanya Chandra

Delhi: Yoga & Spirituality: Ayodhya- Lord Ram’s birth place is one of the most glorious places in the country even in the World. The decision of supreme court has favoured ram mandir after a long and arduous legal struggle of the Hindus, over 134 years. But now the pious stones have already been laid, and the walls of Justice are soon to be build for the society who have fought this long battle for ages said by Abdhesh Jha, Trustee cum International Yoga Coordinator, Jyotirmaya Trust, Unit of Yoga Research Foundation, Miami, Florida, USA and President -Yogpeeth.
Further Mr Jha Said, The word Ram itself means the entire universe, it is an inspiration for every individual that enlightens them with hope and self reflection. The holy month of ‘chaitra’ is celebrated as ‘Ram Navami’s – the birth of almighty. Being born into the family of kings, he followed the path of truth and devotion even in days of his struggle. He was exiled from his own kingdom and for years he spent a simple life in the woods. Lord ram took his way to Lanka and rescued his wife from Ravan and established the symbol “ good wins over evil”. The victory is still cherished by the people and celebrated as the essence is still buried deep in the hearts of every individual.
Mr Jha Said, Dharma doesn’t bind us but enables us to choose our own path and lead us to decisions based on our own abilities and choices that we possess within ourselves.
He Also mention that Despite of being from a wealthy family lord ram completed his education like Ram completed his education like every other normal kid, where they trained in Archery and become world best ever Archer and has also knowledge of the mythological universe and various other skills. Lord Ram possessed virtuous qualities like no other.
While Praying to The Lord Ram he said Despite being a God, he took birth as a normal human and possessed excellent qualities as a man with virtues. Lord Ram restored peace and believe in humanity as well as that good wins over the evil.
The stones of Ram mandir has been laid down, with the new beginning. The moment has come after years to re-establish the principles of lord Ram. This is a silver lining where history is being written again on the golden pages of India, with unity and a sense of pride.

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