Emerging fashion! By Tanya Chandra*


Delhi: Fashion has been a part of society since ages. 19th century witnessed the first benchmark fashion by Frederick worth, in 1858. Even the clothing in India has its own rich and ancient history. India is known for its diverse culture and that could be sensed in fashion itself. Such regional variations be it in sari, ghagra, choli, or dhoti that remained popular until the post-independence. Embroidery, the art of sewing distinct thread patterns, that has always been the Indian fashion trademark.
Just as fashion has undergone drastic changes throughout the years, the models who help bring the designs to life have evolved as well.
In the past, models were often a major factor in establishing society’s standards of beauty. Now, as beauty standards become more inclusive, they’re shaping the types of models we see making their way down the runway.
One such talented model shritika Bhatt has her own remarkable presence in this industry. She is a freelance model who has worked with brands, photographer and fine artists. Usually she rocks with her natural hair looks, she is a former student of NIFT Patna, from where her career into this fine industry started. She has worked as fashion buyer as well as a manager for renowned firms. Now she is working towards her label with a real artistic sense in fashion. She has worked for projects where she promoted the lac bangles. Lac is a resinous material out of which these bangles are made. She has made her way into this fashion industry and aspire to make sustainable fashion popular. Like she has her youtube channel by name ‘Miss Bhatt’ which she recently launched.

*(Tanya Chandra is Student of Delhi University)

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