The Redeemer Welfare Program related to mental and physical health organized by Shikshayatan Patna.

Health and motivation

Today, a Health Care and Hygiene Awareness Camp, and cultural program was organized under Rudra: The Redeemer in Shikshayatan.
All educational institutions, malls, theaters, parks, markets, traffic all opened up … but ???
Covid-19, not going to leave, it will remain. And how do we live? How to be physically and mentally prepared? Open dialogues were held on such sensitive matters.Four experts were present to talk.
● Dr.Tanveer Akhtar (Medical Officer Incharge Patna.)
● Shree Hriday Narayan Jha. (Yoga expert, assistant director, Bihar State Culture
Academy, Patna.)
● Smt. Anju Mahendra (Former – President, Inner Wheel Club Patna. NAVYA)
● S.M. Ziya Hassan (Film Maker)
The program started with the chanting of Asato Maa Sadgamay ..
Mrs. Yamini, the Chief Trustee of Shikshayatan and Kathak dancer, said about the mission
and vision of the program Rudra: The Redeemer.
“Lord! .you are aur Redeemer . Rudra is among us as one of your incarnations. We are all your
followers for service, awaking , growth – development, progress in society…” Health : It does not indicate the condition of any individual, rather it indicates the whole society. A physically and mentally healthy person ensures his participation in public welfare. Therefore, we all need to be
mentally healthy along with physical hygiene in order to build the society and improve the quality. As she said there is a plan to repeat the subject in December 2020.
The invited guest helped to understand the epidemic stage of Kovid-19. Suggest many
suggestions for recovery. And in between, there was a special offer of Sufi music by the Muse Musical Group. Wherein Moula Moula Moula Mere Moula….
My Murshid Khele Hori….
Ishq had Hafiz… and Peace Mantra. Amit Kumar, Ambika, Ananya Singh, Shubham Kumar, Ritika and Tabla, Shri Dhananjay Kumar Dheeraj ji’s good and excellent singing was working as an electric attraction for the audience.
Dr. Tanveer Akhtar explained the many nuances associated with Kovid-19 and explained in
detail how the corona positive body is made an anti virus through the plasma and the patient is cured. Also informed about the importance of cleanliness in daily life.
At the same time, Shri Hriday Narayan Jha said that Yog contained effective measures to increase the capacity of disease resistance. In which, explained in detail the yoga practice useful for all children, adults, women, and the elderly.
Physical, mental and spiritual health can be added to the creation of a healthy society.
The social worker Smt. Anju Mahendra shared her experiences. Said that some people see what they see in society, and some people see what is really hidden in society. We all need to be active with practical section of society. The pandemic overtook us hundreds of years in the
year 2020. To be strong socially and financially, you should be patient and stay away from mental stress. At the same time, physical hygiene is necessary to protect yourself from covid virus.
The fourth event of the program was Ziya Hassan, a filmmaker who brilliantly explained his vision of understanding, citing examples of add films, documentary film, and big box office films.
At the same time, he said that the students and parents need to change the perspective and dimensions of understanding the adverse situations of today.
Smt. Rekha Sharma (President, Sangeet Shikkshayatan) welcomed the guests with a
memento a symbol of Shikshayatan. Shambhavi Vats conducted the entire program excellently with the well composed & melodious Voice. Mohit Ranjan provided a height to the virtual presentation of the program with technical support. All supporting members and singing artists
were honored by giving Letter of appreciation.
Virtual presentations of the program were also broadcast from the Facebook page
Shikshayatan Patna and eventolive. Which has more than 2000 audiences connected.
Experts also answered the questions of the audience.

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