A women known for her sheer determination and strong action: Sr IPS Officer D. Roopa.

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By Kumari Swati

Karnataka: Upsc as a administrative service is one of the respected services in India. Many students have a dream to crack UPSC. This service gives, various intelligent, brave and patriotic officers, who do their work with sheer determination and give respect to their service. Today we are going to tell you about one of the IPS officer D. Roopa, who got transferred 40 times in 20 years of his job. Roopa was ranked All India 43rd in UPSC examination after which she got an appointment to the post of IAS but she wanted to become an IPS, so she opted for IPS.
Rupa is a 2000 batch IPS officer of Karnataka (Karnataka) cadre. She is the first woman home secretary of the state. Roopa has been transferred a few days ago from the state home department to the Handloop Emporium, as he exposed the alleged corruption of a senior officer. Roopa says that this is not new to her, it has happened to her even before. Whenever she raises her voice against anyone, she is transferred. Many times questions have also been raised against his work.
She has been transferred 40 times in 20 years of service due to her commendable work. She got transfer as she exposed various ministers and bureaucrats who were involved in corruption. Roopa was overseeing the Safe City project in Bangalore, in which he accused Hemant Nimbalkar, a senior IPS officer, of manipulating the tender process, which led to her transfer from there. She is now overseeing the functioning of the state’s handloom emporium. Roopa has been transferred 40 times in 20 years of service.
Apart from serving in the police department , Roopa is also a Bharatanatyam dancer, playback singer and an excellent sharp shooter. She has trained her self in Bharatnatyam dance style and also in music. Not only this, Roopa has also sung a song as a playback singer in a Kannada film called Bayalatada BhimaAnna. She is also an excellent sharp shooter, she has also been awarded many awards. Roopa was married to IAS officer Munish Mudgal in 2003. Roopa says in an interview that being transferred is part of every government job. Rupa has been transferred twice as many years as her job. Rupa suggests that raising voice against corruption is a matter of controversy and risk. Due to this, she is also transferred, but she does not lose courage and does not change the way she works. Roopa’s transfer had mixed reactions in different sections of the state and many people were against his transfer decision on social media.
Many youth and aspiring UPSC aspirants follow D Roopa on Social Media and get inspiration from her style of work and her strong determination to serve his service honestly.

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