The name Prasar has its roots from my parents name : RJ Dileep singh.


By Kumari Swati

Radio Adda is India’s most downloaded online radio broadcasting app  was officially launched in the year 2019. It was founded by RJ Dileep  Singh , who is very much well-known in the voice and media industry.  Hind chakra interacted with the Founder and CEO of Radio Adda ,( Apke entertainment ka adda) , RJ Dileep singh.We present you an excerpt of  this  interview.

1. How the journey of Radio adda began?
The journey of Radio Adda began in year 2019 . I wanted to make a new world of Radio , for that I started an academy Prasar creations in year 2016. This academy gives all types of training to become a Radio jockey .I saw  that the bigger institutes gives training of Radio jockey, the people who opt for these training have to pay huge fees and then after completion of the training , they don’t get a proper platform to showcase their talent. So I decided to launch a platform where people will get training as well as  showcase their talent. Now, under prasar creations we train the budding RJ’s and afterwards they come up with their own shows on Radio adda. We conduct RJ  hunts consistently to find talent and give them a platform of Radio adda to showcase their talent.
2. How Radio adda is different from other radio platforms?
Radio adda is a platform where we give training as well as give the interns the practical training of Radio brocading. They come up with their own shows, they write their own script , total creative freedom is given to them . Radio adda subscription is free , Anybody who has a mobile phone and internet connection can access it.  We are coming with a brand new Radio adda reprised version , where people will get to see different genres of program at one platform. There will be Adda TV in Radio adda app.
We are coming up with Folk Studio , This is for the first time  that any radio platform has attempted this kind of Experiment . We are  planning to promote folk music and for that we will promote the folk artists through Radio adda.
3.How the name  Prasar creations striked in your mind?
“Prasar” in hindi means “to spread “. The name itself suggests that we are here to spread our Talent .The more we spread our talent , more people will know us, and they will respect our talent. I thought if I am starting something new , it should somewhere have a relation with my parents. The name Prasar has its roots from my parents name. My father used to play harmonium, but he had to become a doctor due to certain circumstances, but I got the same passion for music in my genes. So I finally made my passion my profession. My mother was very supportive of Education . She always promoted learning .My father name was Prabhakar and my mother name was Saraswati . I merged the three initials from both the names and made  the name Prasar for my academy.
4.what challenges you had to face when you were starting Radio adda?
There were no challenges as such that I had to face , as I was prepared and everything was preplanned , Only the execution part was left. I am thankful to the  God that I have got a great team , it has been two years , the people who have been with us in our initial stage , is still continuing with us . And they all are doing a great Job.

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