Pratham Mittal Global Lawyer appointed as UK World Peace Ambassador, General Counsel and The Chief Ambassador of Canada by World Peace Tracts, Sweden


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New Delhi: 6 March 2021:: The Sweden based organization World Peace Tracts, appointed Mr.Pratham Mittal as their General Counsel for handling their National & International Legal cases in Sweden and across the globe on third march, 2021.
Mr.Pratham Mittal is a Global Lawyer practicing Law in International Arbitration, Taxation, Civil Litigation, Criminal Trial, International Trade and Commercial Laws and having offices in New Delhi, London and Dubai.
Mr.Mittal is already serving various National and International organisations such as International Council of Jurists, London UK in the role of Vice President (YDIC) and many more. He represents the Minority community in India and across the globe and also spread the message of peace.
Mr. Mittal told us that it is an Honour for me to be a World Peace Ambassador for The United Kingdom for World Peace Tracts with an
amazing group of World Ambassadors from all corners of the world.
He further states that My mission will be to spread the message of Peace and Impact which we have initiated more than a decade ago as Faces of Change and Impact Leaders International. Without Peace our world has no
chance for a better future for next generations. So let us make business of Peace.

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