K . Manjari Srivastava’s book “Darbhanga House”published


  • Jitendra Kumar Sinha

Patna, July 10, 2021 :: Renowned poet and writer K. Manjari Srivastava written book Darbhanga House has been published.

K. Manjari Srivastava's written book Darbhanga House : College bemisal mere  behtraneen saal has been published courtesy of Shvetvarna Prakashan. Manjari Srivastava said, “Though my book 'Darbhanga House' is my memoires, it will be a memoires for every person who has been a student of Darbhanga House. The days of Darbhanga House were one of the golden days of my life. These were the days on which the foundation of today's Manjari was being laid. So today even after 22 years, those days are still fresh in my mind and I am sure that those who have been students of Darbhanga House must have been the most memorable days in their lives. It is my belief that every student of Darbhanga House will find his own story in this book.

It is noteworthy that K. Manjari Srivastava is a poet and dramatist associated with NSD as a drama expert for a long time. Active in the field of Hindi poetry and theatrical criticism/review, Manjari has been a member of the selection committee of Kalidas Samman for many years. and has done Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism. Manjari is also the founder of a literary cultural organization called Kalaveethee.

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