Spirit fitness program at Uttarakhand police training center by Yogacharya Babita Roy

Yoga & Spirituality

Uttarakhand: Under the Athma Nirbhar Bharat, Indian Knowledge Systems &
GatiShakti. It’s alignment and Synergy of Sthula – Body and Sukshma – Spiritual as said by Yogacharya Babita Roy.

Time Table.

  1. Orientation Program – 2 hrs – Male and Female police seperately.
    Prayers song – Audio by Jothi and Niraja
    Introducing of VSRF, Story Telling, Root Map 3 days training, Interaction and Spirit Fitness Models.
  2. 3 days/ 2hrs/3 groups/day. 250 Police. Male and Female separate sessions.
  3. 1. Day – Female police –
    Traditional songs audio by…..5min.
    Synergy of 5 Sensors and 5 Elements – 15min.
    Yoga & Marma points – 30 min.
    Traditional Food Architecture and Herbal Architecture Alignment of Satvic, Rajo and Thamo Gunas & Immunity booster 15min.
    Aligning in Feminine & Masculine Energy and Foresight Skills- 15min.
    Develop an attitude to face unseen scenes without any emotional turbulence – 15min.
    Interaction – 20 min.
    Silence Song – 5min.
    This is will continue to Male police
  4. 2. Day –
    Prayers by……5 min.
    Yoga & Marma – 30min.
    To develop the qualities of appreciating the juniors and give real respect to seniors. Maintain equilibrium between seniors & juniors – 15min.
    To know our real identity, power and quality of human souls. symmetry of Masculine & Feminine Energy – 30min. Spiritual Alignment.
    How can we always feel pleasant in unpleasant situations? – 30min.
    Interaction & Silence 10min.
    Same to all
  5. 3 day.
    Prayers by…..5min.
    Yoga & Marma points – 15min.
    Science, Management and Alignment of Feminine and Masculine energy of Marriage – 15min.
    Happy Environment at Police station and office – 30min.
    Mind Scan, Mind Map, Mind Track single to mass – 15min.
    Spiritual Alignments of Criminal Mind Settings for Healthy Bonding – 30min.
    Interaction, Feed Back and Silence-.10min.
  6. Conclusion sessions for all 1hr.

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