Data analysis and Technology together can accelerate the revenue: Director, IIT, Patna


Patna: 10 November 2022 :: IIT Patna has conducted a five- day training program (November 5- 9, 2022) on “Data Analytics using the Techniques of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Security (DS)” as part of the Continuing Education Program -Quality Improvement Program (CEP- QIP). This training was provided to 40 officers of the Commercial taxes department, Govt of Bihar to introduce them to these fantastic technologies, and explore their use in various GST taxation and revenue augmentation areas. The participants were trained in the fundamentals of various data types, data analysis, data analysis techniques, Al, ML, DS, equipped with state -of -the -art techniques, hands-on, live assignments, and demonstrations, etc. Instructors demonstrated how these techniques can be used in practice to the real data collected from the actual users.

The valedictory session was organized on Nov 09, 2022, which was graced by Prof T.N Singh, Director, IIT Patna, Seema Bharti, Joint -commissioner, Commercial Tax Department, Govt of Bihar, IITP; Dr. Asif Ekbal, Associate Dean, Resources; Prof. Somanath Tripathy, Associate Dean, Administration, Dr. Sriparna Saha, HoD, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Dr. Chandranath Adak, Department of Computer Science and Engineering; Kripa Shankar Singh, TPO, PhD and MTech students, Staffs of the Resource Office, and the experts from the Commercial Tax Department, Govt of Bihar.

Prof T.N Singh highlighted that a lot of data is buried under the files of the commercial taxes department, which can be utilized properly to draw useful insights with the techniques of data analysis, AI, ML and DS. He emphasized that adopting these technologies is the need of the hour and that if we don’t, we will lag behind. He thanked Dr. Pratima, Commissioner- cum- Secretary, Commercial Tax Department to kickstart this collaboration through this training program, and for nominating 40 experts for this training program, and applauded the experts who attended this five-day long program in spite of their busy schedule. He also appreciated Associate Dean, Resource, Dr. Asif Ekbal and his team’s outstanding contribution to this workshop.

Seema Bharti, Joint Commissioner State Tax, Commercial Taxes Department, Govt of Bihar in her speech stressed the need of AI, ML and DS technologies to solve the specific issues related to GST, and improve the revenue augmentation. She thanked the IIT fraternity for conducting the training with utmost care and with great details.

Dr. Asi Ekbal, Associate Dean, Resources thanked Dr. Pratima, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Commercial Tax Department for her vision in understanding the strength of AI, ML, DS technologies which could immensely benefit the entire processes of revenue collection by quickly detecting tax evaders through the predictive methods, and come up with the appropriate prescriptive ways to be more vigilant. He stated that the training program is not an end rather the beginning of a new collaboration between IIT Patna and Commercial Taxes Department, Govt of Bihar. He thanked honorable director Prof. T N Singh, IIT Patna who played a key role in bringing this interaction to a reality; Kripa Shankar, TPO, IIT Patna for his meticulous eyes and continuous involvement during this period; PhD students and MTech students who conducted tutorials and demonstrations; students and resource staffs who worked tirelessly to make this training program a big success.

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