Bihar for the promotion of the 3Es of Education, Egalitarianism & Entrepreneurship under the guidance of Senior IPS Vikas Vaibhav


Mumbai/Bengaluru : Under the let’s Inspire Bihar banner Bihar for the promotion of the 3Es of Education, Egalitarianism & Entrepreneurship under the guidance of Senior IPS Vikas Vaibhav.

Vision: To Inspire the Present Youth of Bihar to establish themselves firmly through education in the spirit of knowledge, promoting the culture of hard work and perseverance against diverting towards shortcuts for success and developing the ethos of egalitarianism by deriving Inspiration from the Spirit of our own Ancestors and Collective Heritage and thereby empowering them for positively contributing towards the Overall Development of Bihar and New India

Mission: To form chapters of Inspired Youth in different districts of Bihar, who would propel the thinking of entire youth and overall society by acting as agents of change.

The activities of different chapters shall be based upon promotion of the 3Es of Education , Egalitarianism and Entrepreneurship.The 3Ds for achievement of the goals to be promoted would sequentially be Desire, Dedication and Determination

In the Field of Education, the Endeavour would be to organise workshops for creating consciousness about our own Heritage and fostering the Spirit of Knowledge and Hard Work for attainment of desired objectives. Successful Persons and Motivational Speakers from the same districts shall be requested to participate in motivational seminars and workshops from time to time. The effort shall be to reach out to the teachers community and through them to the students.

For the promotion of Egalitarianism, the chapters shall assist and contribute towards social activities touching all sections of society. The effort shall be to connect the needy with those who can and wish to voluntarily contribute, thereby fostering a spirit of mutual respect and equality.

For the promotion of Entrepreneurship, the chapters shall assist in the process of knowledge sharing by those successful in their enterprises through the organisation of seminars and workshops from time to time. The role shall essentially be of connecting the experienced mentors with the ones looking for opening of successful start-ups.

The district wise chapters shall make an effort to connect those within the districts with those residing outside the district in other states of India or abroad.

Chapters of Non-Resident Biharis shall also be promoted in important cities of India, where interactive sessions shall be held from time to time in order to inspire the non-resident population to contribute towards the development process of their districts and in providing assistance of various forms to those in need.

Chapters of Non-Resident Indians from Bihar would be formed for assisting and guiding the chapters within Bihar for the promotion of the 3Es.

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