74th Republic Day Celebrations at IIT Patna


The Indian Institute of Technology Patna celebrated the 74th Republic Day of our country on 26th January 2023. The event took place on the premises, near Gate No. 1. Honourable Director, Dr. T.N. Singh, was present, along with several members of IIT Patna staff and student fraternity.

Today’s festivities began with the arrival of our honourable Director, who unfurled the flag. This was followed by the national anthem and an electrifying March Past. After that, our honourable Director addressed the crowd. In his address, he talked about the importance of Republic day, and the rich cultural heritage of our country. He talked about how, despite our many differences, we are unified under the love we have for our country, and the pride we feel when we see our national flag.
Director went on to congratulate the winners of various competitions of the Inter IIT Cultural and Sport Meets. This year, we performed really well in the Cultural Meet, winning three gold medals among several other accolades. He so stressed on the fact that we still have a long way ahead and we should not feel sad because we failed. Instead, we should learn what we can from the mistakes we made and make sure we don’t repeat them.

The Director’s address was followed by the cultural program. The students of IIT Patna prepared various showcases, each with the central theme of patriotism. We started with a speech on what Republic Day is and why it’s significant. This was followed by a beautiful song performed by students of the singing club, Aria. Then, another student recited a wonderful original poem about the sacrifices a soldier makes for their country. Later, students of the dance club Exousia performed a really beautiful duet. This marked the end end of the cultural program.
After the cultural programme, the winners of the Cultural and Sports Meets were felicitated with plaques and certificates by the Director. This was followed by a vote of thanks, wonderfully delivered by our registrar. After that, sweets were distributed among the students. It was a great start to our Republic Day, filled with vigour, spirit and patriotism.

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