Celesta -2023, the annual Techno – Management fest of IIT Patna


Patna: 28 January 2023 :: Celesta, the annual Techno – Management fest of IIT Patna, kickstarted it’s new edition on a high note. Centered around the theme “Chrysalis Dawn”, which signifies a quiescent insect pupa, Celesta provides a perfect platform for the finest technical minds across the country to demonstrate their technical prowess. This year Celesta aims to celebrate those who believe in new beginnings.

The opening ceremony was graced with the presence of Professor Smriti Singh (Associate Dean of Student Affairs), Dr. Anoop K. Gupta (PIC Technical), Vishwa Ranjan (Registrar) and Deepak Chourasia (Security Officer). The dignitaries lit up lamps to mark the beginning of the event. The chief guests and Shivam Yadav, the fest coordinator, addressed the audience. Each of them acknowledged the efforts put in by the organizing team and motivated the participants to give their best. Professor Smriti Singh then declared the opening of the fest.

Guest lecture by A.S. Kiran Kumar: “The important ingredient to satisfactorily meet a challenge of changing environment is not experience, but an ability to learn.”
In his insightful talk, A.S Kiran Kumar, ex- chairman of ISRO, gave us a walkthrough of the Indian space journey since its inception and the current opportunities in the space sector. He spoke of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai’s space vision for the country and how he convinced his American counterparts to rent satellites to conduct the largest mass communication experiment for broadcast, paving the way for INSAT series. He then continued to talk about space technology -enabled weather forecasts, the position of India in the space economy, and the addition of private firms in the space sector. He further elaborated on SpaceTech, Low orbit satellites and career opportunities in the field of mining celestial bodies, cybersecurity and IP activities. He concluded his talk by giving an insightful saying “Technology is not an objective but a tool to be used for the benefit of mankind.”

The eventful day 1 of Celesta ended on a high note. A highly competitive Death Race, which saw participation from students across the state, rounded off the day’s high -end technical events. The insightful guest lecture by A. S. Kiran Kumar was the main attraction. Celesta will resume tomorrow with many enthralling robotic events like Robo Race, Robo Wars, Drone Tussle; technical events like Sudo Override, Chem Charades; and workshops in Artificial Intelligence, Android Development and Ethical Hacking.

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