SK Associates & Group organized International Conference & Experts share their thoughts on, “Impact of Hardcore Sales in Scaling up for Startups”


Hyderabad: 21 April 2023 :: SK Associates & Group had organized an International Conference on, “Impact of Hardcore Sales in Scaling up for Startups” from April 15-17. The Conference was hosted online & streamed LIVE on their YouTube channel from 7- 8:30 PM IST on all 3 days. The Top 16 eminent and noteworthy Entrepreneurs and Professors of Entrepreneurship from APAC and EMEA were invited to speak at the event.

SK A & G is an ISO certified management consulting firm registered under MSMED Act 2006 with the Government of India. We are a strong team of 6,000+ Professionals from various backgrounds such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates, Professors, Mediators, Arbitrators, Formal Bureaucrats & Judges & Entrepreneurs turned Consultants. We aim to strengthen the global economic growth by providing pro- bono consulting services to budding student entrepreneurs and help them build their startups across various industries. All the Guest Speakers were awarded with a Certificate of Honour and the Attendees were given Participation Certificates.

The Synopsis of the speeches given by the Guests is stated as follows:

“Sales is important because it can generate revenue, build customer relationships, and instill investor confidence, and shorten the sales cycle by understanding customer needs and using technology and data analysis.

Kunal Anand
Fundu Games

“Revenue-generating activities such as upselling and hardcore selling are vital for startups to increase their profits. Upselling by offering complementary products immediately after a purchase can lead to higher revenue.

Vinod Sridhar

“Hardcore selling prioritizes short-term gains through aggressive tactics, while building relationships and prioritizing customer satisfaction leads to long-term growth and success through repeat business and positive referrals.

Dr. Prashant Singh
Tej Logistics Freight Express Pvt. Ltd

“Effective communication in startups requires a human connection with stakeholders. Consultative selling and relationship selling may be helpful, emotional persuasion is dominant, and fairness in approach is important. Active listening skills help understand customer needs.

Dr. Shilpee Dasgupta
Assistant Professor
IIM Ranchi

“Hard core sales can bring immediate revenue and help startups gain a foothold in the market, but it should be balanced with a long-term strategy to ensure sustainable growth.

Vandana Tolani
Founder & CEO

“Sales is about persuasion and adding value, not manipulation. CRM is important in relationship selling. Manipulation is unsustainable and harmful to reputation.

Dr. Rakesh K Meet
Doon Business School

“Many isolated players lead to a high failure rate. Startups need a proper strategy network to succeed. The ecosystem is expected to evolve due to the large youth population and a lack of jobs.

Asif Uddin Ahmed
Assistant Professor
University of Liberal Arts (Bangladesh)

“Developing a solution -oriented, supreme quality product that meets customer demand, provides assurance, and has high market demand is essential to increase sales and build brand loyalty and reputation.

Dr. Amit Nath.
Business Mentor
Govt. Of Karnataka

“Startups need a clear vision, innovation, good customer relationships, marketing, quality pricing, investment, cost analysis, and sales to succeed.

Dr. Manisha Kaushik
Samko Solutions India

“Startups are innovative and risk- taking new businesses that need to scale up quickly to avoid being taken over. Investors seek strong leadership, a compelling business model, and a clear path to success. Sales and planning strategies are essential, using the “five W’s and one H” framework.

Dr. Dilip Nandkeolyar
Co -Chancellor
Commonwealth University (UK)

“Startups need hardcore sales to make money, impress investors, and build a customer base. Without sales, a startup can’t survive or expand.

Garima Singh
PhD Scholar
IIM Indore

“Hard core sales can bring immediate revenue and help startups gain a foothold in the market, but it should be balanced with a long-term strategy to ensure sustainable growth.

Syam Kumar
PhD Scholar
IIT Roorkee

“Successful hard selling can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can inform product development and marketing strategies.

CA Shiva Goyal
SG Academy

“By focusing on hard selling in the initial stages, startups can also identify their most profitable customer segments and tailor their products or services to meet their specific needs, which can lead to long- term success and growth.

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain
Professor & Dean
Sandip University

“Hard core sales can help startups scale quickly by generating revenue and identifying profitable customers, but a balanced approach is necessary to ensure ethical practices, customer- centricity, and sustainable growth for long -term success.

Neeraj Kumar Kesharbani
Assistant Professor
JGBS, OP Jindal Global University

“Businesses today need more than hardcore sales for scaling up. Extrapolating growth and profitability with economies of scale makes a business sustainable. Weaving capabilities with an impeccable business model is a must for growth. Building strong customer centric foundations is crucial for creating differentiation, customer loyalty and trust that eventually helps scale up the business.

Sukanya Sengupta
PhD Scholar
MDI Gurgaon

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