IIT Patna’s Confluence 2023- “Unveiling Agricultural Transformation: DeHaat’s Inspiring Journey and Lessons of Resilience”


Patna: In a captivating session at IIT Patna’s Training and Placement Cell Confluence 2023, Adarsh Srivastava, the Co-founder of DeHaat, illuminated the path to revolutionizing India’s agricultural sector through technology. The event, part of the ‘ Confluence 2023: A Leader’s Insights’ lecture series, showcased DeHaat’s remarkable journey and emphasized the power of unwavering determination.

The session, themed “Bridging the gaps of Agricultural Ecosystems via Technology,” transported attendees through DeHaat’s evolution. Adarsh shared the transformative impact of the agritech company, which emerged as a beacon of hope for farmers facing myriad challenges. With the lamp lighting ceremony heralding the event, the insightful talk was followed by an interactive Q&A session that enabled vibrant exchanges between Adarsh and the audience.

In the presence of distinguished guests and dignitaries, including Adean Admin and CC Head Prof Somnath Tripathy, HOD of Chemical Engineering, Dr Jose V Parambil, and PIC Dr Ashwani Asam, as well as TPO Kripa Shankar Singh, the event resonated across various disciplines of BTech, MTech, and MSc. The gathering represented a diverse blend of academia and students, highlighting the widespread interest in agricultural innovation.

Adarsh’s narrative epitomized resilience, an essential trait for any startup embarking on an uncharted path. He recounted the early struggles that tested DeHaat’s mettle during its formative years. Despite encountering skepticism, the company persevered, ultimately redefining agricultural solutions by offering a comprehensive platform to farmers. This holistic approach mirrors DeHaat’s broader vision for sustainable growth in the sector.

The tale of DeHaat’s journey also illuminated the significance of unyielding conviction. Adarsh’s recounting of overcoming 86 rejections before securing funding underscored the tenacity required to drive change. The narrative simultaneously underscored the necessity of equipping farmers with technological awareness, a cornerstone of DeHaat’s mission.

Amidst the dialogue, Adarsh spotlighted the agricultural sector’s immense potential, still awaiting its unicorn moment. He encouraged harnessing accessible technology to elevate the industry, a sentiment that resonated with the audience. Furthermore, DeHaat’s commitment to impacting lives at the grassroots level showcased their emphasis on sustainable scaling.
Adarsh’s insights struck a chord with attendees, leaving a resonating message on the power of resilience and innovation. The session’s conclusion saw animated discussions, where students engaged deeply with Adarsh, exploring how DeHaat’s solutions address the core challenges faced by farmers.

DeHaat’s journey serves as an inspiring reminder that challenges are an inherent part of any transformative endeavor. It underscores the importance of unwavering determination, a belief in one’s mission, and the ability to adapt and innovate. Through DeHaat’s evolution, we are reminded that technology, when combined with purpose, can bridge gaps, empower the underserved, and drive change that ripples across entire sectors.

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