IIT Patna: Hosted 37th AIPC Meeting, Pioneering Placement & Career Development Initiatives on this day


Patna: 23 September 2023 :: Indian Institute of Technology, Patna, renowned for its excellence in engineering education, has achieved another milestone by hosting the 37th All IIT’s Placement Committee (AIPC) Meeting on September 23, 2023. This noteworthy event united prominent delegates from all 23 esteemed IITs across the nation.

AIPC is constituted by the Heads of Career Development/ Training and Placement Cells of all the 23 IITs of the country, and is a forum where they meet at regular intervals to share their recruitment experiences and problems. On some matters, AIPC lays down a set of guidelines that companies must adhere to for on-campus hiring and internships in IITs. The members also collectively take action to improve the efficiency of selection processes protecting students’ academic and career interests. AIPC also deals with companies that dishonour or deviate from conditions in job offers. Several new government policies like the Graduation Outcome parameter in NIRF using placement metrics and the recent plans of implementing the NEP and NCrF calls for more coordinated efforts from the AIPC to make proper surveys and align the stakeholders of academia, students and industry in the overall development of the nation. More details about AIPC can be found by going to the following url: https://aipciits.com/

The Indian Institute of Technology Patna (IIT Patna) hosted the 37th edition of the All IITs Placement Committee (AIPC) meeting on September 23, 2023. This gathering brought together the Professor-In Charges of Career Development Centers/Training and Placement Cells of all the 23 IITs.

Notably, this marked a first -time opportunity for IIT Patna to host a significant inter-IIT event. The primary objective of this meeting was to address issues related to placement and internship opportunities for students in the academic session 2023- 24 and also future common placement and internship policies across all IITs. It also focused on devising strategies to enhance students’ employability and maintaining uniformity and parity from the company side for all IITs students.
The event commenced with a traditional warm welcome and followed by lamp lighting ceremony, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge, was gracefully initiated by AIPC Convenor Prof. Debjani from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, Associate Dean Resource IIT Patna Dr. Asif Ekbal, Dr. Jose Parambil, Professor In Charge, TPC IIT Patna (Dr Ashwani Assam), and TPO, IIT Patna (Kripa Shankar Singh).

Key topics on the agenda include discussions on ongoing industry layoffs, challenges related to joining dates, streamlining the placement process, training and skill development initiatives, and the formulation of AIPC’s industry guidelines to increase job prospects. Deliberations were made for improving placements for PG and PhD students. Efforts were initiated for adopting uniformity in company registration formalities, student onboarding processes and reporting of placement statistics in the public domain. The representation of student body into the functioning of the committee and measures to ensure the following of AIPC guidelines by companies were also deliberated.
The 37th AIPC meeting was structured into three separate sessions, with a planned tour to explore the historical, cultural, and spiritual heritage sites of Bihar. This unique opportunity to showcase the rich heritage of the region adds an exciting dimension to the event.
IIT Patna is eager to showcase its state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to the representatives from all 23 IITs attending the AIPC 2023 meeting. This event is expected to position IIT Patna prominently among recruiters considering hiring from IITs for both the current and upcoming sessions, further enhancing its reputation as a premier institution for engineering education and career development.

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