National Symposium of Research Scholars- 2023 at IIT, Patna


Patna: 17 October 2023 :: In a remarkable feat of organization, the Indian Institute of Technology, Patna, in collaboration with IEEE Patna Sub Section, (Student Branch), IEEE MTTS and IEEE APS set the stage for the first National Symposium of Research Scholars (NSRS) with an impressive lineup of events on its inaugural day, which include experts from IITS, ISRO, DRDO and NASA under the patronship of Dr Amit Kumar Singh (Chair, IEEE Patna Sub-section), Dr Sriparna Saha (Branch Counsellor, IEEE Student Branch-IITP), and Dr. Chandranath Adak (Secretary, IEEE Patna Sub-section). The proceedings kicked off with an enlightening inaugural talk by none other than Prof. Goutam Chattopadhyay (Fellow IEEE, IEEE MTT-S President Elect 2024, Senior Scientist NASA-JPL USA), a distinguished scientist hailing from NASA, the renowned space agency.

Following this grand commencement, the audience was treated to two insightful talks delivered by Prof. Debatosh Guha (Fellow IEEE, Chair-MGA, IEEE APS, Institute of Radio Physics Kolkata and Dr. Tapan Mishra ( Ex. Director SAC ISRO, Founder of SISIR RADAR) both of whom added their unique perspectives to the symposium. The academic feast didn’t end there, as a highlight of the day included an interactive question and answer session featuring the esteemed Padmashree Prof. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay (Fellow IEEE, Director Indian statistical Institute Kolkata) further enriching the intellectual discourse of the event.

The day’s events reached a crescendo with a poster presentation session, showcasing the contributions and research endeavors of the dedicated scholars attending the symposium. The culmination of their efforts, supported by the unwavering enthusiasm of the organizing committee members and the spirited participation of students from IIT Patna, as well as scholars from other distinguished institutions, transformed the first day of the NSRS into an unequivocal success.

This symposium promises to be a beacon of knowledge exchange, fostering collaboration and innovation, with the first day setting a high standard for the days to follow. Scholars, scientists, and students alike enthusiastically participated in two days event including different sessions such as talks, poster presentations, and National level hackathon Techno Tricks. TechnoTrick Event was sponsored by IC IIT Patna, Top three Teams will get a chance to prototype full Product filling IC IIT Patna norms.

Winners NSRS poster presentation:

  1. Shilpa Kanjilal
  2. Raghvendra Kumar
  3. Kumari Priya

Winners of the National leve Hackathon “Techno-Tricks”:

  1. Team KGT
    members: Kiran Gowda T(team leader)
    Nikhil Gowda M
  2. Team the One
    members: Ashish S (team leader)
    Bhargavi R
  3. TTMR
    members: Abhishek CA (team leader)
    Sudharshan JR

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