Change is the only constant & we have to constantly change ourselves said by expert at IIT, Patna on the “Meet Accenture”


Patna: Change is the only constant and we have to constantly change ourselves, if you do not change then you will not be able to establish yourself in this era of highly competitive industry. If you do not upgrade yourself then you will lose the opportunities . These things were highlighted by Abhijit Dutta, Managing Director, Accenture technology, from the leadership team of Accenture India, while addressing the students during the “Meet Accenture” program of world leading multinational company Accenture Technology, organized at the Indian Institute of Technology Patna (IIT Patna).

“Meet Accenture” is an important initiative by Accenture Technology to visit selected institutions across India and interact with final year students to guide the aspirants on how Accenture delivers on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.

The program was inaugurated with lamp lighting by keynote speaker Abhijeet Dutt (Managing Director, Accenture India), Amit Kumar Sinha (Senior Hiring Manager Accenture India), Dr. Asif Ekbal (Associate Dean Resources), Dr. Ashwani Assam (PIC, Training and Placement Cell), Kripa Shankar Singh (Training and Placement Officer, IIT Patna).

A large number of final year students of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Material Science and Engineering of IIT Patna were present in the program.

During his interactive talk, Mr. Dutta said that Accenture is playing a 360° role in helping its customers to transform their business, innovate and re -skill their employees. Accenture emphasized its role as a company of companies that exists for the sole purpose of solving a problem, in whatever form it takes.

In today’s engaging interactive session, the leadership team of Accenture India satisfied the students by answering their queries appropriately. Also, this session was very beneficial for the purpose of career building of the students and it made the participating students aware of the challenges and possibilities of the industry in the current scenario.

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