SK Associates & Group organized an International Conference on “The Role of Universities in Fostering Entrepreneurship Among Students”


Hyderabad: 22 February 2024 :: SK Associates & Group organized an International Conference on “The Role of Universities in Fostering Entrepreneurship Among Students” February 15th – 17th. The Conference was hosted online & streamed LIVE on their YouTube channel from 7- 8:30 PM IST on all 3 days. The Top 16 eminent and noteworthy Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Founders, Co-founders, CA/CS/CFA Professionals, Deans, Head Digital Marketing, Assistant professors, professors and multiple other industry expert from APAC & EMEA were invited to speak at the event.

SK A&G is an ISO-certified management consulting firm registered under the MSMED Act 2006 with the Government of India. We are a strong team of 6,000+ Professionals from various backgrounds and we aim to strengthen global economic growth by providing pro-bono consulting services to budding student entrepreneurs and helping them build their start-ups across various industries. All the Guest Speakers were awarded a Certificate of Honour and the Attendees were given Certificates for successfully participating in the conference.

The Synopsis of the speeches given by the Guests is stated as follows: “Break away from textbook thinking and focus on what works in the real world. Embrace audacity, equip entrepreneurs with practical tools, and create innovative education programs to foster success.

Roy Osing
President & CEO
Brilliance for Business (Canada)

“Universities can ignite entrepreneurship by instilling a mindset shift from employee to employer, offering practical support through incubation labs, and fostering innovation among students, enabling successful startup journeys.

Samuel Sudhakar
Growth Hacking Partners

Ideas deserve great execution & empowering academic ideas with the discipline of project management can lead to outcomes beyond imagination.

Sagar Kalantre
Praveg Consultancy Services LLP

Entrepreneurial success lies in solving real problems for customers, not chasing unicorns. Universities offer vital resources for innovation and IP development. Prioritize customer needs, continuously refine IP, and leverage university partnerships for growth and differentiation in the market.

Raji Aiyer
Co Founder/COO
Appearition (Australia)

Teaching students to embody entrepreneurship, not just its concepts, is key. Frameworks like ‘Disciplined Entrepreneurship’ facilitate this shift, guiding students through practical skill development and market validation.

Maria Zoey Sommer
Associate Professor
Copenhagen Business Academy (Denmark)

Universities must foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem, provide education beyond traditional business courses, offer access to resources and experiential learning, and promote financial literacy. By creating job creators instead of job seekers, we empower students to drive economic growth and societal development.

Nigel J Armitt
Resource Solution (UK)

Universities are crucial for fostering entrepreneurial mindsets, adapting to trends like Esports degrees, and nurturing skills for success in dynamic business environments. They go beyond study, serving as hubs for innovation and character- building, empowering students to make a positive impact in society.

Zabyzaky Leccio (CMC)
Managing Director
Trucend (Philippines)
“Practical initiatives like hackathons and startup competitions empower students with hands-on experience, fostering innovation and addressing real -world challenges. By integrating such programs, academic institutions can cultivate entrepreneurial spirit and drive positive change within and beyond their campuses.

Delia Chiricescu
Senior Consultant
Dynamic Information System (Romania)

Universities are pivotal in fostering entrepreneurship, offering mentorship, resources, and a supportive ecosystem. Emphasizing experiential learning, ethical practices, and a global outlook is essential for aspiring entrepreneurs to thrive.

Dr. Ratan Kumar
Assistant Professor
JAGSoM, Vijaybhoomi University

The role of universities in fostering entrepreneurship lies in creating awareness, developing entrepreneurial intention, nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset, and providing the necessary infrastructure and support systems for students to venture into entrepreneurship effectively.

Dr. Mohsin Shaikh
Associate Professor

From backpack to boardroom, embrace projects, internships, co-curricular activities, and events – they’re the doors to entrepreneurial success.

Pooja Thakkar

The transformative role of Indian universities in nurturing student entrepreneurship through integrated courses, interdisciplinary collaboration, and government support is key to shaping future leaders and India’s economic landscape.

Tushar Kansal
Founder and CEO
Kansaltancy Ventures

Unlock innovation in entrepreneurship through goal- setting, design thinking, and holistic sustainability, paving the way for impactful solutions and long -term success.

Ishita Agarwal

Universities are vital for nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and fostering innovation, equipping students for success in a dynamic business landscape. Embrace this spirit and let your university experience be the launchpad for your entrepreneurial journey.

Dr. Earl Louie M. Masacayan
Associate Dean
Philippine Law School (Philippines)

Universities should provide spaces and programs to promote entrepreneurial talent, while students should actively seek opportunities, develop a diverse skill set, and engage with real- world problems.

Roi Benitez
Skills4future (Sweden)

By embracing ecosystem strategies, universities can foster holistic learning experiences that resonate with today’s students, paving the way for innovation and growth.

John Mark
Management Consultant
Ipsos Strategy3 (Philippines)

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