Educated people also get trapped in cyber terrorism : Vivek Agarwal


By Kumari Swati

The Facebook live chat of famous crime reporter Vivek Agarwal with the students of Makhanlal chaturvedi National university of journalism and communication  was an interactive and a great session which gave  them deep insights on the topic Global terrorism and media. Vivek Agarwal discussed regarding each topic in detail and mentioned  various aspects related to this issue along with the interesting solutions which satisfied the curiosity among students.
He told initially the causes and impact of terrorism world wide. He said increase in population, change in political and economical thought process ,buying of weapons ,capturing of petroleum and gas by a selected group, Religious extremism , unemployment , illiteracy and many more are the causes of terrorism. The impact of this terrorism is loss of life at large scale, the world has got divided, capital and economic sources of countries are getting ruined, Borders are getting closed for refugees and there is lack of peace and harmony among countries and their people.
He discussed that India faces terrorism in different forms like, regional terrorism , home grown terrorism, saffron terrorism, Naxalites , international terrorism etc. He said that terrorism not only kill masses but also destroys culture and heritage . That civilization , which come together , support each other in difficult times and coexist can only fight terrorism.
He also stressed that the role of media can be crucial in eradicating terrorism. In media if we minutely notice there are two groups who help in this . The one which tells what is happening around in the society and the other is the intellectual  specialists who are specialised in these fields and analyse these issues of crime and terrorism and thus gives  advice and solutions to government and masses to tackle these issues. He said  that there should be proper guidelines for the coverage regarding these events and media should check their Languange and presentation that it not evoke fear among people but give accurate picture of what is happening in the country , aware them and give a sense of courage to deal with it. He further said that Editors can play a huge role in formulating such guidelines .it often happens that when media covers regarding terrorism , somewhere or the other , unknowingly the terrorism get promoted so media have to take care regarding this. He appreciated the work of print media and said , the print have maintained its credibility in coverage of crime and terrorism matter by giving accurate and balanced information as compared to electronic and digital media.
He told students how in this world of social media , cyber terrorism is increasing day by day . Thus all those websites and social media platforms and sources that supports ,motivates or propagates terrorism should be permanently removed . The government of India along with the government of entire world need to take instant actions and collaboratively should rupture their online presence. He also said that India lack in the forensic resources and thus there should be procurement of resources that can eradicate cyber terrorism in our country. While giving the answers of one of the questions of a student , He said the educated People also come in trap of terrorism ,hence , there should be cyber cops or cyber army in both central and state level to look into this matter . There are many sources through which these terrorist organisations and people get their money  by gold trafficking, kidnapping , abduction and many more,so these sources should also need to be found , investigated  and destroyed  for eradicating terrorism.

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